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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#29 Can't Finder open .Lisp files by dragging their icons to the Dock gb defect major IDE
#41 Sporadic "can't cause layout during editing" exceptions gb defect major IDE
#90 Editor silently lets you clobber changed file gb defect major Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#130 Inspecting process info crashes the IDE gb defect major IDE
#153 Redisplay delays in listener gb defect major Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#222 Window-switching causes errors in hemlock event-handling (event-ide branch) gz defect major IDE
#265 Reported difficulty handling CR-terminated files in IDE editor gz defect major IDE
#309 Editor won't read in old MCL files (still) gz defect major IDE
#668 public svn off-line defect major project hosting
#670 Clozure CL64 crash when viewing a webpage using javascript defect major IDE
#979 Trac sometimes logs users out inexplicably defect major project hosting
#438 Newest slime doesn't work with 1.3 mb defect normal Slime
#440 CCL:REBUILD-CCL fails on OS X due to untranslated and embedded logical pathnames rme defect normal other
#541 Very weird hang gb defect normal Compiler
#542 #/pageForPoint:nearest: not available in 32-bit CCL gb defect normal other
#678 Using a non-existant package corrupts the current package, disinterns builtins (CCL/Win32) defect normal ANSI CL Compliance
#686 Pressing ENTER with an active selection in the listener causes Hemlock to crash defect normal IDE
#732 small unicode problem defect normal IDE
#785 Trying to drag a file inside the ccl::choose-file-dialog causes a crash defect normal IDE
#793 fault using hunchentoot defect normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#803 New IDE preference item request gb enhancement normal IDE
#810 (directoryp (get-ide-bundle-path)) returns nil on the Windows IDE defect normal Cocotron
#825 Hunchentoot / usocket installation fails defect normal IDE
#895 Lion overlay scrollers can't be clicked in Hemlock windows defect normal IDE
#900 Standard File Functions rme enhancement normal IDE
#954 Unhandled exception 10 at 0x176be0 defect normal Objective-C Bridge
#986 NSColorPanel is not a class. defect normal IDE
#998 weird behavior of (read-line) defect normal IDE
#1004 segfault (ICE) on gnome 2 header when creating FFI file defect normal Foreign Function Interface
#1311 error building ccl/linuxarm with latest trunk defect normal other
#1374 Feature request: Export unix signals enhancement normal other
#68 NS out of bounds errors while in the editor gb defect minor Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#81 Listener marks get confused gb defect minor IDE
#83 Listener stops showing output gb defect minor IDE
#175 Open panel doesn't open file in editor gb defect minor IDE
#936 delete-package on a package that does not exist should behave better defect minor ANSI CL Compliance
#1060 (SETF STREAM-EXTERNAL-FORMAT) shouldn't be defined. defect minor ANSI CL Compliance
#1193 crash on ccl:quit on debian linux 6.0.9 defect minor other
#1194 stochastic executable image generation defect minor other
#71 Backtrace lines meaninglessly editable rme defect trivial IDE
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