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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#284 Initial mmap fails on starting lx86cl64: "remap spjump: Permission denied" gb defect blocker Runtime (threads, GC)
#199 Indent region menu item for command is missing gb enhancement major Cocoa IDE v? IDE
#229 Recompiling Hemlock from the command line gives an error gb defect major IDE
#259 Provide for single SYSCALLS loader file gb defect major project hosting
#300 CCL 1.2 rc1 does not run on FreeBSD-6.3/amd64 under VMWare on AMD hardware gb defect major Runtime (threads, GC)
#407 lx86cl hangs on Linux Xen domU running on Amazon EC2 gb defect normal IA-32 port Runtime (threads, GC)
#408 inexact source info gz enhancement normal IDE
#572 Check for Updates hangs if bad svn defect normal IDE
#595 Clozure does not work on Windows 2000 gb defect normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#605 Saving runtime options in CCL:SAVE-APPLICATION gb defect normal project hosting
#789 bug printing/insepecting circular Objective-C structures defect normal IDE
#823 Shebang support enhancement normal other
#824 Is "Modern Mode" as defined by Franz Inc available in CCL? enhancement normal ANSI CL Compliance
#842 don't require quotes for toplevel 'cd' command enhancement normal Compiler
#844 add a toplevel "dir" or "ls" command enhancement normal Compiler
#935 INTERSECTION should signal TYPE-ERROR when LIST2 is not a list enhancement normal Compiler
#957 Error while executing CCL::MATCHP2 on Pentium4 defect normal Compiler
#1028 Please update tools enhancement normal other
#1056 a supported extension to support (un)reifying deferred warnings enhancement normal Compiler
#1062 use Amazon Glacier as repo backup rme task normal project hosting
#1110 CCL on Windows outputs an extra space at the end of commands defect normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#1124 Trac shouldn't send mail to the person who just changed a ticket enhancement normal project hosting
#1199 Possible wrong memory alloc statistics on multicore defect normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#1256 Make HEAP-IVECTOR instances garbage-collectable enhancement normal other
#1264 hash tables, make-load-form bug? defect normal Compiler
#1292 Error in %MAKE-READTABLE-ITERATOR enhancement normal other
#1367 Bring back armv6 defect normal other
#14 Extend Trac with Syntax Highlighting gb enhancement minor project hosting
#94 c-w/m-w doesn't work on region unless selected gb defect minor IDE
#143 "Open" menu-item lets you open fasl files. rme defect minor IDE
#162 The Trac site should have an option to remember logins gb enhancement minor project hosting
#172 open and save dialogs show no directory contents gb defect minor IDE
#937 Compiler should warn for invalid type specs in handler-case gb enhancement minor Compiler
#15 Math-ML gb enhancement trivial project hosting
#853 DEFVAR after DEFCONSTANT does not signal an error when no initial value provided defect trivial Compiler
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