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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#904 Broken link in Clozure CL Help rme defect critical IDE
#26 Symbol Completion gz enhancement major IDE
#42 Implement undo in the IDE editor jaj@… enhancement major IDE
#69 Selecting long line scrolls left edge rme defect major IDE
#127 Symbol-completion gb enhancement major IDE
#179 down November 14, 2007 gb defect major project hosting
#180 down November 14, 2007 gb defect major project hosting
#200 Indent region menu item for command is missing gb enhancement major IDE
#214 Hemlock matching paren highlighting is delayed gb enhancement major IDE
#223 Window-switching causes errors in hemlock event-handling (event-ide branch) gz defect major IDE
#243 let bug gb defect major ANSI CL Compliance
#362 Webkit doesn't work in 1.2 gb defect major IDE
#689 send-to udp socket does not work defect major Clozure CL 1.5 ANSI CL Compliance
#108 Search Files dialog gb enhancement normal IDE
#365 Worse than exponential algorithms in type derivation gb defect normal Compiler
#424 dragging a proxy icon or a finder icon to an editor window errors gz defect normal Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#483 unwanted horizontal mini movement of the visible text in the Hemlock editor defect normal IDE
#511 It is hard to type a # on a uk keyboard defect normal IDE
#515 send/stret macro produces Error: unknown arg spec :REGISTERS defect normal Objective-C Bridge
#523 "listener"-commands enhancement normal Clozure CL 1.4 IDE
#628 Missing function on Windows CCL gb enhancement normal Foreign Function Interface
#639 WebKit example crashes on Snow Leopard defect normal Objective-C Bridge
#694 :ccl-1.5 feature missing from *features* defect normal project hosting
#738 No text in definitions dialog (windows) defect normal Cocotron
#774 ccl 1.5 sigseg when launched via make on x86_64 defect normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#801 Problem with socket-error? defect normal other
#812 After searching in a window nothing can be highlighted (Windows/Cocotron) defect normal Cocotron
#827 2D bitmap print-non-readably behavior is misleading defect normal other
#864 Command line processing for SAVE-APPLICATION enhancement normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#916 Search Files difficulties: consequences of closing dialog before search is completed. enhancement normal Clozure CL 1.8 IDE
#960 set-pprint-dispatch fails defect normal ANSI CL Compliance
#964 Tests fails for the MD5 library on 32 bit versions (windows and linux) defect normal Compiler
#990 Incorrect code generated for simple loop defect normal Compiler
#1010 (setf schar) with fixnum index fails defect normal Compiler
#1021 Improper CL:LOAD behavior defect normal ANSI CL Compliance
#1066 improve coercion to difficult complex types enhancement normal Compiler
#1098 watch doesn't work in lx86cl64 defect normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#1132 tilda-tilda format bug defect normal ANSI CL Compliance
#1134 The value :UNKNOWN-GF-KEYS is not of the expected type (MEMBER :TOOMANY :TOOFEW :ODD-KEYWORDS :UNKNOWN-KEYWORD :UNKNOWN-GF-KEYWORDS) defect normal Compiler
#1141 -e switch on CCL defect normal other
#1163 Typed structure slot being checked incorrectly defect normal IDE
#1205 Text search bug: found text is highlighted but not selected defect normal IDE
#1236 In-repository linuxx86_64 binary segfaults defect normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#1358 possible bug in LOOP defect normal ANSI CL Compliance
#1407 (defun nil ...) crashes CCL enhancement normal ANSI CL Compliance
#1418 When exiting via (quit) on the command line, the command line is not restored defect normal other
#1423 ./lx86cl: No such file or directory on 64bit ubuntu defect normal other
#110 Refresh search results gb enhancement minor IDE
#115 hyperspec lookup rme enhancement minor IDE
#117 improve hemlock modeline rme enhancement minor IDE
#126 Add syntax-coloring gb enhancement minor IDE
#156 changing fonts in prefs panel should update existing windows rme defect minor IDE
#159 The Apropos dialog should support simple compound searches rme enhancement minor IDE
#215 Hemlock double-click fails if close-paren is at end of file gb defect minor IDE
#225 Please make the apropos window a window rather than a palette RME enhancement minor IDE
#231 Printing NSData objects does not obey *print-length* gb defect minor Foreign Function Interface
#357 SUBTAG-BYTES and weird element-types gb defect minor Runtime (threads, GC)
#1125 defining a function named nil defect minor other
#1159 Close windows of a type enhancement minor Cocoa IDE v? IDE
#1162 Option-close should only close windows of that class svspire enhancement minor IDE
#270 (setf values) is not supposed to flatten out the values gb defect trivial ANSI CL Compliance
#1424 ccldoc: load-to-ccldoc-form: source note map seems to be ignored defect trivial Clozure CL 1.12 other
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