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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#661 multiple strings on one line colored wrong defect minor IDE
#670 Clozure CL64 crash when viewing a webpage using javascript defect major IDE
#681 Error rebuilding 64bit ccl on ubuntu 10.4 defect normal IDE
#686 Pressing ENTER with an active selection in the listener causes Hemlock to crash defect normal IDE
#690 CL32-863 will not launch defect major Clozure CL 1.5 IDE
#691 easygui crash gb defect normal IDE
#693 Clozure does not start on a new MacBookPro defect normal IDE
#703 Typo in bridge.lisp defect normal IDE
#719 Unable Version 1.5 of Clozure CL64 on my PowerMac G5 defect normal IDE
#721 Improve meta-p in listener rme defect normal IDE
#722 Improve editor selection enhancement normal IDE
#723 c-m-q at end of sexp rme defect normal IDE
#725 Make meta-shift-# insert #| |# rme enhancement normal IDE
#726 Don't load init file in IDE if shift key is down rme enhancement normal IDE
#732 small unicode problem defect normal IDE
#745 Building COCOA-APPLICATION only sometimes causes ASDF to be loaded gz defect normal IDE
#753 Race condition in gui:background-process-run-function gb defect major IDE
#772 GLIBC_2.11 defect normal IDE
#777 Get Info dialog data outdated rme task trivial IDE
#783 get-ide-bundle-path returns path in mac format on Windows defect normal IDE
#785 Trying to drag a file inside the ccl::choose-file-dialog causes a crash defect normal IDE
#789 bug printing/insepecting circular Objective-C structures defect normal IDE
#794 Change request to make setting AppDelegate easier rme enhancement major IDE
#803 New IDE preference item request gb enhancement normal IDE
#821 handler-case cannot handle stack overflow defect normal IDE
#825 Hunchentoot / usocket installation fails defect normal IDE
#832 (sqrt #c(1d300 1d300)) signals overflow defect normal IDE
#838 Null characters confuse Hemlock defect major IDE
#845 gui::background-process-run-function and zombie windows defect normal IDE
#851 Double-click failure gz defect normal IDE
#859 A bug in CL:EVERY with list (rest list). defect normal IDE
#870 unexpected out-of-memory condition defect normal IDE
#895 Lion overlay scrollers can't be clicked in Hemlock windows defect normal IDE
#898 Broken link in app store CCL's help rme defect critical IDE
#900 Standard File Functions rme enhancement normal IDE
#901 Search files dialog, uncheck "Search Comments" bug defect minor IDE
#902 various NSAutoreleaseNoPool() ... autoreleased with no pool in place - just leaking task normal IDE
#904 Broken link in Clozure CL Help rme defect critical IDE
#905 Apparent race condition in gui:background-process-run-function gb defect major IDE
#916 Search Files difficulties: consequences of closing dialog before search is completed. enhancement normal Clozure CL 1.8 IDE
#919 returning from backtrace crashes if the restarts dialog has been shown and then closed rme defect major Clozure CL 1.8 IDE
#958 Shift-UpArrow and Shift-DownArrow fail on edge cases gb defect normal IDE
#963 The value NIL is not of the expected type ARRAY in function called from RESTORE-LISP-POINTERS gb defect normal IDE
#972 Building the IDE may be broen in r15373 defect normal IDE
#986 NSColorPanel is not a class. defect normal IDE
#996 Save with multiple windows on same file moves window defect normal IDE
#998 weird behavior of (read-line) defect normal IDE
#1014 remove-if-not consing: seems to fully copy the original sequence before removing elements enhancement normal IDE
#1015 user code is forced to have a race condition between ccl:external-process-status and ccl:signal-external-process defect normal IDE
#1034 #" reader error defect normal IDE
#1047 Trunk IDE does not build on OSX 10.7 defect normal IDE
#1094 self-modified function doesn't behave correctly defect normal IDE
#1133 list definitions doesn't find definition on first line gz defect normal IDE
#1137 list definitions doesn't work unless defs are separated by a blank line xach defect normal IDE
#1138 Don't do syntax highlighting in text mode gz defect minor IDE
#1143 arglist-on-space-command crashes on particular files svs defect major IDE
#1145 Meta-dot doesn't work on package names svspire enhancement normal IDE
#1151 Text selection on cmd-F search does not move the cursor to the selection rme defect minor IDE
#1152 Add/update List Definitions window xach enhancement normal IDE
#1159 Close windows of a type enhancement minor Cocoa IDE v? IDE
#1162 Option-close should only close windows of that class svspire enhancement minor IDE
#1163 Typed structure slot being checked incorrectly defect normal IDE
#1166 make m-x grep output same as Search Files xach enhancement normal IDE
#1171 streams in Listener when launched from slime defect normal IDE
#1172 Need to be able to set *wrap-lines-to-window* dynamically xach enhancement normal IDE
#1176 command-option-w should close all windows of a given type. rme defect normal IDE
#1178 problems loading bundle: can't determine class name defect normal IDE
#1181 Apropos window broken rme defect blocker IDE
#1186 FORMAT prints one digit too many after decimal point for ~e directive defect normal IDE
#1188 Search-files no longer works in 10.6 xach defect blocker IDE
#1196 [Tools] [Apropos...] fails defect normal IDE
#1198 Printing long things to the listener is a DOS attack defect major IDE
#1205 Text search bug: found text is highlighted but not selected defect normal IDE
#1210 Initial evaluation of Listener history defect minor IDE
#1224 acode isn't list structure anymore defect normal IDE
#1234 Meta-dot on definitions from a symlink fails svspire defect normal IDE
#1246 Hemlock interns symbols indiscriminately defect critical IDE
#1289 Scrolling confuses mouse clicks in duplicate windows defect major IDE
#1307 Cocoa IDE Listener output uninterruptible and too slow wws defect normal Cocoa IDE v? IDE
#1333 stack overflow when inspecting circular data with Mac IDE defect normal IDE
#4 Problem loading additional frameworks in 070408 snapshot gb defect major Objective-C Bridge
#330 no ppc64 support in ObjC bridge defect minor Objective-C Bridge
#447 CCL1.3 darwins problem with delegate object calls, not problem in CCL1.2 gb defect normal Objective-C Bridge
#467 @class macro and high safety defect minor Objective-C Bridge
#508 ns-data objects should not display their contents by default enhancement normal Objective-C Bridge
#515 send/stret macro produces Error: unknown arg spec :REGISTERS defect normal Objective-C Bridge
#516 send/stret macro produces Error: unknown arg spec :REGISTERS defect normal Objective-C Bridge
#639 WebKit example crashes on Snow Leopard defect normal Objective-C Bridge
#665 Setting a reader macro for a constituent breaks objc method syntax defect normal Objective-C Bridge
#682 objc:defmethod catches harmless conditions gb defect major Objective-C Bridge
#706 out-of-bounds errors with SLOT-VECTORs defect normal Objective-C Bridge
#768 ObjC instance initialization failures defect normal Objective-C Bridge
#790 Something strange with lisp-to-objc-message defect normal Objective-C Bridge
#954 Unhandled exception 10 at 0x176be0 defect normal Objective-C Bridge
#1043 encode-objc-method-arglist is sensitive to the setting of *print-circle* defect blocker Objective-C Bridge
#1045 :DEFAULT-INITARGS ignored during ObjC object initialization defect normal Objective-C Bridge
#1244 ObjC bridge interface weirdness defect major Objective-C Bridge
#1318 (require 'cocoa) doesn't work with lisp built on OS X 10.11 rme defect major Objective-C Bridge
#202 add DTrace provider rme enhancement minor Performance
#220 Adding a type specifier to one slot makes instantiation over 3x slower gb enhancement major Performance
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