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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1346 Writing :MACOS external-format files does the wrong thing svspire defect major other
#1410 Segmentation fault at safety 3 rme defect major Compiler
#105 crash while using IDE inspector gb defect critical IDE
#135 cmd-click blows away IDE gb defect critical IDE
#305 initialize-instance bug for classes with lots of slots gb defect critical ANSI CL Compliance
#372 Problem with basic arithmetic gb defect critical ANSI CL Compliance
#410 interrupting/suspending threads on WIndows gb defect critical Runtime (threads, GC)
#411 error when compiling arith expression gb defect critical Compiler
#464 GC problem in standalone Windows executables gb defect critical Runtime (threads, GC)
#598 Crashes with external process semaphores gb defect critical Runtime (threads, GC)
#619 Image build with save-application() hangs on gc gb defect critical Runtime (threads, GC)
#656 dolist's result-form was not accepted by ccl gb defect critical Clozure CL 1.5 ANSI CL Compliance
#898 Broken link in app store CCL's help rme defect critical IDE
#904 Broken link in Clozure CL Help rme defect critical IDE
#975 error loading a file compiled with coverage gz defect critical Compiler
#1078 cl-http port enhancement critical other
#1129 Windows version CL 1.9 wx86cl.exe is virus infected defect critical other
#1182 CFFI, Mac OS X, shared libraries, crash defect critical Foreign Function Interface
#1211 Compiler bug in multiplying fixnums gb defect critical Compiler
#1237 Invalid Memory Operation with (complex double-float) arrays gb defect critical Compiler
#1246 Hemlock interns symbols indiscriminately defect critical IDE
#284 Initial mmap fails on starting lx86cl64: "remap spjump: Permission denied" gb defect blocker Runtime (threads, GC)
#294 program-errors and invalid functions gz defect blocker Compiler
#677 saving an application hangs gb defect blocker Compiler
#731 Lisp kernel terminated with segmentation fault gb defect blocker Runtime (threads, GC)
#1037 compiler mishandles prog1 with sufficient optimization defect blocker Compiler
#1043 encode-objc-method-arglist is sensitive to the setting of *print-circle* defect blocker Objective-C Bridge
#1181 Apropos window broken rme defect blocker IDE
#1188 Search-files no longer works in 10.6 xach defect blocker IDE
#1352 Hard pathname in ASDF in v1.11 rme defect blocker other
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