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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1228 Update CCL in the Mac App Store rme enhancement minor other
#1331 wrong results from probe-file/open on many symlinks rme defect minor other
#1363 The license should be more visible enhancement minor Documentation
#1390 *print-string-length* control for tracing, backtracing, and errors svspire enhancement minor other
#1416 The Format function's F directive's k parameter possibly fails when preceded by tilde and 2 commas defect minor Future Clozure CL ANSI CL Compliance
#12 Request adding Graphviz Plugin gb enhancement trivial Documentation
#15 Math-ML gb enhancement trivial project hosting
#16 extraneous "6" in x862.lisp gb defect trivial Compiler
#20 *x8664-compiler-backend-modules* and *x86-compiler-backend-modules* defined twice gb defect trivial project hosting
#21 don't need yield-syscall constant in x8664-arch.lisp gb defect trivial Compiler
#23 Install Trac 'Tag' Plugin gb enhancement trivial Documentation
#31 scripts/openmcl64 should be executable gb defect trivial project hosting
#71 Backtrace lines meaninglessly editable rme defect trivial IDE
#137 HyperSpec dashboard widget rme enhancement trivial IDE
#208 Clozure doesn't load ~/ccl-init.lisp gb enhancement trivial IDE
#236 Fix for UTTypeConformsTo key in Cocoa IDE's Info.plist rme defect trivial IDE
#268 encode/decode-universal-time with highly fractional time-zones gb defect trivial ANSI CL Compliance
#270 (setf values) is not supposed to flatten out the values gb defect trivial ANSI CL Compliance
#295 Spurious warning at high safety gz defect trivial Compiler
#532 ENCODE-STRING-TO-OCTETS and DECODE-STRING-FROM-OCTETS Symbols rme enhancement trivial Clozure CL 1.4 project hosting
#603 scripts/makedmg starts with blank line gb defect trivial project hosting
#604 two .lisp files apparently marked executable in svn gb defect trivial Foreign Function Interface
#777 Get Info dialog data outdated rme task trivial IDE
#853 DEFVAR after DEFCONSTANT does not signal an error when no initial value provided defect trivial Compiler
#924 Add monotonic clock support enhancement trivial other
#950 Package common-lisp exports symbol NULL defect trivial ANSI CL Compliance
#1017 Trifle in documentation: class definition slot args - readers writers defect trivial Documentation
#1350 Firefox doesn't like rme defect trivial project hosting
#1395 Typo in CCL documentation. defect trivial Documentation
#1424 ccldoc: load-to-ccldoc-form: source note map seems to be ignored defect trivial Clozure CL 1.12 other
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