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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1356 Menu activation disables closing shared libraries new defect major
#101 mmap failures sometimes ignored assigned gb defect normal
#189 There should be a open file from current selection menu item new palter enhancement normal Cocoa IDE v1
#197 control-click in the close box should hide the window new rme enhancement normal Cocoa IDE v1
#198 Option-click into the close box of a window should ask before all windows are closed new enhancement normal Cocoa IDE v1
#917 Search Files difficulties: consequences of closing dialog before search is completed. new enhancement normal
#1090 Some useful thread functionality that's not exported or documented new enhancement normal
#1091 Document compiler policy new enhancement normal
#1105 Auto save new enhancement normal Future Clozure CL
#1106 .file.lisp rather than file.lisp~ new enhancement normal Future Clozure CL
#1284 cp932 non-round-trip mapping workaround new enhancement normal
#123 Use Core Animation for the Clozure CL Backtrace new rme enhancement minor
#510 Extend select-current-sexpr to other kinds of brackets new enhancement minor
#561 Feature request: allow control of the amount of context when long strings are printed new enhancement trivial
#908 y-or-n-p execution new enhancement trivial
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