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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#400 lisp API for managing text attributes assigned rme critical Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#177 implement mouse copy new rme major Cocoa IDE v? IDE
#632 period (.) is being escaped by merge-pathnames new major other
#59 Add a simple Graphics API new normal Cocoa IDE v? IDE
#176 Apropos dialog should display a little bit more information about the symbols assigned rme normal Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#189 There should be a open file from current selection menu item new palter normal Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#197 control-click in the close box should hide the window new rme normal Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#198 Option-click into the close box of a window should ask before all windows are closed new normal Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#396 Support tracing local functions new gb normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#404 enhance graphical inspector new gz normal Cocoa IDE v? IDE
#405 Need more dynamic arglist update new normal Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#409 Handling of invalid type specifiers assigned gb normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#414 Add grouping to undo new normal Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#415 make listener output not undoable new normal Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#427 Find unbalanced paren new normal Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#428 Split Screen new gz normal IDE
#429 Execute... done message new normal Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#433 Get Info Dialog new normal Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#453 Need a way to declare that Objective-C classes implement formal protocols new rme normal Objective-C Bridge
#466 support default encoding new normal Cocoa IDE v? IDE
#487 Text cursor position in the modeline new normal IDE
#495 document, listener, inspector, window size, position, stacking in preferences new normal Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#497 Apropos window with 2 text input areas new normal IDE
#498 Apropos window should remember column widths new normal IDE
#499 Command-Option-Click = go to definition new normal IDE
#544 Break loops for threads new rme normal IDE
#546 key args listing don't show reopened normal Cocoa IDE v? IDE
#576 command-. does not abort the running code in the listener new normal IDE
#579 changed text files on disk are not detected during typing new normal IDE
#580 compile buffer is misleading, fails to save buffer, too new normal IDE
#582 Some minor UI nits new normal IDE
#687 use posix_spawn for ccl:run-program new rme normal other
#700 provide stat(2) interface new normal other
#720 And "Open Selected File" to SLIME new normal IDE
#724 Get to Inspector from Backtrace window new rme normal IDE
#746 ASDF project browser should be on the Tools menu new rme normal IDE
#759 Apropos dialog enhancement new normal IDE
#791 First time (require :cocoa) tries to write in system-wide installation directory of ccl. new normal Cocoa IDE v? IDE
#834 document and support external format for liberal line ending convention new normal IDE
#875 build Windows lisp kernel with MS tools new rme normal other
#906 Support C blocks new normal Foreign Function Interface
#917 Search Files difficulties: consequences of closing dialog before search is completed. new normal IDE
#921 CFASL support new normal Compiler
#925 Attempting to redefine a symbol in the CL package should cause a compile-time error new normal ANSI CL Compliance
#932 Coverage info for slot access, class instantiation new normal Compiler
#942 Code coverage should indicate uncovered areas new normal Compiler
#943 Code coverage of unreferenced functions new kmcorbett normal Compiler
#944 (DECLAIM (TYPE ...)) should be evaluated when VAR is bound or setq'ed new normal Compiler
#946 Tag coverage per test new kmcorbett normal Compiler
#965 Feature request: Editor enhancement new normal Future Clozure CL IDE
#994 consider exporting a compare-and-swap or conditional-store new normal other
#995 CCL internal lock contention during multi-threaded computation assigned gb normal Performance
#1006 (the (values ...) ...) not checked in safe code new normal other
#1016 Custom hash table functions require symbols, not function designators new normal other
#1025 snippets buffer new normal IDE
#1063 Make the standard readtable read-only new normal ANSI CL Compliance
#1065 reduce maphash consing new normal Performance
#1075 Please call dlopen with lazy binding new normal Foreign Function Interface
#1083 make mailman archives searchable new normal project hosting
#1090 Some useful thread functionality that's not exported or documented new normal Documentation
#1091 Document compiler policy new normal Documentation
#1100 make 'watch' handle symbols specially new normal Compiler
#1105 Auto save new normal Future Clozure CL IDE
#1106 .file.lisp rather than file.lisp~ new normal Future Clozure CL IDE
#1114 RUN-PROGRAM borks on :ELEMENT-TYPE :DEFAULT new normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#1116 parse-integer :junk-allowed NIL accepts control codes as spaces. new normal other
#1139 Do paren matching even within block comments new gz normal IDE
#1140 request additional arg to save-application new normal other
#1144 Add variable to control breaking on SIGINT new normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#1147 Meta-dot doesn't work with cocoa-remote-lisp new gz normal IDE
#1148 Tramp-mode windows in Hemlock new gz normal IDE
#1149 Need dired in IDE new gz normal IDE
#1153 Add a Hemlock Commands window reopened xach normal IDE
#1155 Integrate ASDF browser new xach normal IDE
#1158 Windows: support long file names (the \\?\ notation) new normal other
#1167 Add filter to list definitions window assigned xach normal IDE
#1168 Add sorting options to List Definitions window new xach normal IDE
#1169 Improve legibility of List Definitions window new xach normal IDE
#1170 Don't show commented-out forms in Definitions window new xach normal IDE
#1180 Cocoa IDE succumbs to AppNap, and there is no checkbox to turn it off in the About new normal IDE
#1195 add Maxima test suite to buildbot new rme normal other
#1212 [gray streams] please make ccl::stream-position public new normal other
#1214 mumble server (or something like it) new normal project hosting
#1248 Add "Show Callers" command new xach normal IDE
#1265 Missing functions: File-create-date etc. new svspire normal Future Clozure CL other
#1284 cp932 non-round-trip mapping workaround new normal other
#1288 don't recompile hemlock everytime new normal other
#1293 Record source locations for symbol macros new normal other
#1310 Add arrays displaced to foreign memory new normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#1327 provide way to inhibit kernel debugger new rme normal other
#1328 probe-file returns paths without pathname name new normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#1339 Avoid boxing / unboxing when copying array elements new gb normal Compiler
#1382 Separate IDE from running Lisp via Swank new normal IDE
#1421 Buffering option for connecting via a socket new normal other
#57 Add Lisp APIs for handling common simple Cocoa UI tasks new mikel minor Cocoa IDE v? IDE
#116 Higlight all search occurences like Safari 3.0 new gb minor IDE
#120 provide way to change fonts in open windows new minor IDE
#123 Use Core Animation for the Clozure CL Backtrace new rme minor IDE
#124 fancy online documentation new rme minor IDE
#128 Pathname completion new gb minor IDE
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