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#1102 Trace and error reporting don't respect *print-length* new defect major
#1255 objc:load-framework does not call ccl::register-objc-init-messages properly new defect major
#1356 Menu activation disables closing shared libraries new defect major
#1420 *echo-expression-to-listener* doesn't work new defect major
#540 String syntax highlighting is very slow reopened defect normal
#544 Break loops for threads new rme enhancement normal
#582 Some minor UI nits new enhancement normal
#1240 editor-execute-expression-command no longer ensures output is visible new defect normal
#1249 IDE truncates unicode characters to 16 bits new defect normal
#1254 Remove obsolete documentation about send-super and related functions/macros new task normal
#1397 Setting certain character attributes for non-ascii characters causes IDE crash new defect normal Cocoa IDE v?
#510 Extend select-current-sexpr to other kinds of brackets new enhancement minor
#538 Two *load-print* nits new defect minor
#658 gui::cocoa-edit fails badly when pathname doesn't exist new defect minor
#685 Provide a user-controllable default for internal string encodings new enhancement minor
#1419 Update the location of the trunk in the web docs new enhancement minor
#561 Feature request: allow control of the amount of context when long strings are printed new enhancement trivial
#766 Implement transferring ownership of a stream new enhancement trivial
#1219 The CCL icon is ugly new enhancement trivial
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