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#176 Apropos dialog should display a little bit more information about the symbols assigned rme enhancement normal Cocoa IDE v1
#189 There should be a open file from current selection menu item new palter enhancement normal Cocoa IDE v1
#197 control-click in the close box should hide the window new rme enhancement normal Cocoa IDE v1
#198 Option-click into the close box of a window should ask before all windows are closed new enhancement normal Cocoa IDE v1
#487 Text cursor position in the modeline new enhancement normal
#529 Lisp>Load Buffer and Lisp files with defpackage + in-package, -> 'no package' error assigned mikel defect normal
#575 c-x c-s in Hemlock displays only c-x in the Minibuffer new defect normal
#576 command-. does not abort the running code in the listener new enhancement normal
#579 changed text files on disk are not detected during typing new enhancement normal
#580 compile buffer is misleading, fails to save buffer, too new enhancement normal
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