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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#6 Backquote ,@,@ handling new gb defect minor
#33 Refactor Hemlock new unassigned task minor
#57 Add Lisp APIs for handling common simple Cocoa UI tasks new mikel enhancement Cocoa IDE v? minor
#66 Apropos output too far right new gb defect minor
#86 c-x c-x doesn't interact with selection correctly new gz defect minor
#91 c-q ignores numarg new gb defect minor
#116 Higlight all search occurences like Safari 3.0 new gb enhancement minor
#120 provide way to change fonts in open windows new enhancement minor
#123 Use Core Animation for the Clozure CL Backtrace new rme enhancement minor
#124 fancy online documentation new rme enhancement minor
#128 Pathname completion new gb enhancement minor
#131 Spell checking, sort of new gb enhancement minor
#132 ui for hemlock keybindings new gz enhancement minor
#138 LOOP doesn't indent right new gb defect minor
#157 shouldn't be able to delete text from listener scrollback new rme defect minor
#160 Be smarter about selecting a hemlock major mode when opening a file new rme enhancement minor
#161 In the preferences, instead of just a font, support text attributes too. new rme enhancement minor
#163 hyperspec lookup should use a WebView new rme enhancement minor
#165 Symbol Completion Improvements new gb enhancement minor
#169 Add class-slot-list-expansion Hemlock command new rme enhancement minor
#170 Add package management commands to Hemlock new gb enhancement minor
#174 need some way to have call-next-method refer to super new gb enhancement minor
#192 Fix "Load Buffer..." and related menu-items assigned mikel enhancement minor
#193 Beginning of Page and End of Page keystrokes are not bound new gz defect minor
#194 The text-encoding drop-down menu in the file dialog is confusing new gb enhancement minor
#201 Loading [CR-terminated] file creates weirdly bogus code new gb defect minor
#204 add option to wrap/not wrap text in listeners new rme enhancement minor
#212 Error messages in the IDE should refer user to restarts/backtrace/continue menu items and key equivalents new gb defect minor
#233 BUILD-APPLICATION makes it hard to use a user-specified application delegate new mikel defect Cocoa IDE v? minor
#234 [ACL2] Garbage Collection Performance on OpenMCL assigned gb enhancement minor
#235 make-array does not check the validity of its :element-type argument assigned gz enhancement minor
#256 Enable tracing of objc dispatch functions new rme enhancement minor
#273 (acos -1) not quite right [on Mac] new gb defect minor
#276 No error on COERCE with or'ed vector size type specs new gb defect minor
#279 subtypep incorrect with COMPLEX type specifiers new gb defect minor
#282 set-syntax-from-char reader problem new gb defect minor
#296 Misleading error message for invalid slot option new gb enhancement minor
#298 Unhelpful error message when macro is invoked with wrong number of arguments new gb enhancement minor
#306 don't put lisp objects at addresses below #x01000000 new rme enhancement minor
#307 x86 assembler should warn about using byte insns with non-byte regs new rme enhancement minor
#328 (map 'list #'identity '(x . "abc")) should signal type-error reopened gb enhancement minor
#340 make LOG smarter? new rme enhancement minor
#343 SWANK interface layer new gz enhancement minor
#350 need a BUG-REPORT function new gb enhancement minor
#351 linux/x8632 %stat lossage new gb defect minor
#353 examples of TRACE usage new gz enhancement minor
#354 Need faster bignums new rme enhancement minor
#375 ccl::%svref with "large" fixnum indices assigned gb defect minor
#399 delimiter matching new enhancement Cocoa IDE v1 minor
#413 Hemlock undo (bound to C-_) is useless/broken new gz defect minor
#478 MCL subset of LispM-style package specifications in modeline assigned gb enhancement Cocoa IDE v? minor
#480 -*- coding: xxx -*- new enhancement Cocoa IDE v? minor
#496 Double-click = select whole function name new enhancement Cocoa IDE v? minor
#510 Extend select-current-sexpr to other kinds of brackets new enhancement minor
#538 Two *load-print* nits new defect minor
#549 Hemlock selection extension not fully mac-like new defect minor
#590 Add way to tell compiler to ignore DYNAMIC-EXTENT decls new gb enhancement minor
#609 DEFSTRUCT slot initforms don't capture lexical environment new gb defect minor
#658 gui::cocoa-edit fails badly when pathname doesn't exist new defect minor
#676 revive support for GNU Objective-C runtime new task Future Clozure CL minor
#685 Provide a user-controllable default for internal string encodings new enhancement minor
#713 make save-application omit source notes, etc. new enhancement minor
#751 CCL can spuriously warn about unknown functions new defect minor
#752 lisp doesn't run on linuxppc system using 64K pages new enhancement minor
#754 :type slot option not overridden for for :included slots in defstruct new defect minor
#797 Windows: invisible cursor during c-x c-f new rme defect minor
#922 Add a way to reference variables that does not count as 'using' them new enhancement minor
#931 Unimportant frames in backtrace new enhancement minor
#940 CCL should warn when attempting to redefine a package to have fewer exported symbols new enhancement minor
#956 add --no-ide switch to App Store CCL new rme enhancement minor
#973 Lambda list destructuring not strict enough new defect minor
#1127 cond clauses must have a test. new defect minor
#1130 loop for nil from... causes waring "Variable [...] not ignored." new defect minor
#1146 Printing a Hemlock window can't not show background color new enhancement minor
#1150 DISASSEMBLE-LINES isn't implemented yet for ARM new gb enhancement minor
#1156 Altconsole text font size change new enhancement minor
#1173 make playing cards sample code available new rme enhancement minor
#1177 migrate from WordPress to something else new task minor
#1187 Add readline capability to command-line ccl new enhancement minor
#1253 Conformance issue with compiler macros and FUNCALL new defect minor
#1369 Compiler warning when using instances of funcallable-standard-object. new enhancement minor
#1371 unexpected behavior with poll and fifos on os x new defect minor
#1373 (SETQ X X) is not optimized away new enhancement minor
#1415 Compiler warning for a global function bound to a function created using CONSTANTLY. new defect minor
#1419 Update the location of the trunk in the web docs new enhancement minor
#1422 path-is-link new defect minor
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