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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#400 lisp API for managing text attributes assigned enhancement critical Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#177 implement mouse copy new enhancement major Cocoa IDE v? IDE
#1257 Bogus-object on multi-core ARM new defect major Runtime (threads, GC)
#176 Apropos dialog should display a little bit more information about the symbols assigned enhancement normal Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#197 control-click in the close box should hide the window new enhancement normal Cocoa IDE v1 IDE
#453 Need a way to declare that Objective-C classes implement formal protocols new enhancement normal Objective-C Bridge
#455 Allow user to select default encoding for editor files new defect normal Cocoa IDE v? IDE
#462 dragging a folder proxy icon to an IDE listener inserts a file pathname, not a directory pathname new defect normal IDE
#544 Break loops for threads new enhancement normal IDE
#672 Unbundle Cocoa-based IDE new task normal Future Clozure CL IDE
#687 use posix_spawn for ccl:run-program new enhancement normal other
#724 Get to Inspector from Backtrace window new enhancement normal IDE
#746 ASDF project browser should be on the Tools menu new enhancement normal IDE
#748 with-open-file leaves temp files on element-type errors new defect normal ANSI CL Compliance
#795 Windows: can't double click to select form new defect normal Cocotron
#798 Windows: no frames in backtrace dialog new defect normal Cocotron
#847 profiling in Cocoa-based IDE new task normal IDE
#875 build Windows lisp kernel with MS tools new enhancement normal other
#1023 update logbot new task normal project hosting
#1072 Save As panel should preselect file name but not extension new defect normal IDE
#1118 MAKE-WINDOWS-COMMAND-LINE doesn't escape spaces correctly new defect normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#1195 add Maxima test suite to buildbot new enhancement normal other
#1263 duplicate window crash new defect normal IDE
#1327 provide way to inhibit kernel debugger new enhancement normal other
#1379 Raspberry PI B+ (arm32) - error "Unknown vinsn: ccl::nfp-store-unboxed-double-float-nested" new defect normal Clozure CL 1.12 Compiler
#1383 Use xcrun to find SDKROOT for Darwin-based systems assigned defect normal other
#123 Use Core Animation for the Clozure CL Backtrace new enhancement minor IDE
#124 fancy online documentation new enhancement minor IDE
#157 shouldn't be able to delete text from listener scrollback new defect minor IDE
#160 Be smarter about selecting a hemlock major mode when opening a file new enhancement minor IDE
#161 In the preferences, instead of just a font, support text attributes too. new enhancement minor IDE
#163 hyperspec lookup should use a WebView new enhancement minor IDE
#169 Add class-slot-list-expansion Hemlock command new enhancement minor IDE
#204 add option to wrap/not wrap text in listeners new enhancement minor IDE
#256 Enable tracing of objc dispatch functions new enhancement minor Objective-C Bridge
#306 don't put lisp objects at addresses below #x01000000 new enhancement minor Runtime (threads, GC)
#307 x86 assembler should warn about using byte insns with non-byte regs new enhancement minor Compiler
#340 make LOG smarter? new enhancement minor Compiler
#354 Need faster bignums new enhancement minor Runtime (threads, GC)
#797 Windows: invisible cursor during c-x c-f new defect minor Cocotron
#956 add --no-ide switch to App Store CCL new enhancement minor IDE
#1173 make playing cards sample code available new enhancement minor other
#380 nil receivers and x8632 and objc_msgSend_fpret new enhancement trivial Foreign Function Interface
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