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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#561 Feature request: allow control of the amount of context when long strings are printed new enhancement trivial
#566 Compiler warnings in new defect normal
#574 format vs. *print-circle* new defect normal
#632 period (.) is being escaped by merge-pathnames new enhancement major
#640 FINALIZE-INHERITANCE not being invoked in REINITIALIZE-INSTANCE for finalized classes new defect normal
#644 pretty-printing of UNWIND-PROTECT form new defect normal
#662 Export and possibly enhance CCL::DEFINE-TOPLEVEL-COMMAND new enhancement trivial
#685 Provide a user-controllable default for internal string encodings new enhancement minor
#687 use posix_spawn for ccl:run-program new rme enhancement normal
#700 provide stat(2) interface new enhancement normal
#875 build Windows lisp kernel with MS tools new rme enhancement normal
#878 Wrong CCL_DEFAULT_DIRECTORY on Cygwin new defect normal
#890 %reservedbytes and room give incorrect results when ccl heap size is restricted new defect normal
#912 Let's use POSIX locale for *terminal-io* character encoding by default. new defect normal
#966 Double-scrolling in coverage report new defect normal
#967 Coverage reports should allow opening links in new tabs new defect normal
#994 consider exporting a compare-and-swap or conditional-store new enhancement normal
#1006 (the (values ...) ...) not checked in safe code new enhancement normal
#1016 Custom hash table functions require symbols, not function designators new enhancement normal
#1051 Format directives paremeter checking. new defect normal
#1085 LOOP estimate-code-size problem new defect normal
#1086 Support Windows UNC pathnames new defect normal
#1116 parse-integer :junk-allowed NIL accepts control codes as spaces. new enhancement normal
#1140 request additional arg to save-application new enhancement normal
#1150 DISASSEMBLE-LINES isn't implemented yet for ARM new gb enhancement minor
#1158 Windows: support long file names (the \\?\ notation) new enhancement normal
#1173 make playing cards sample code available new rme enhancement minor
#1187 Add readline capability to command-line ccl new enhancement minor
#1195 add Maxima test suite to buildbot new rme enhancement normal
#1212 [gray streams] please make ccl::stream-position public new enhancement normal
#1215 Bignum issue new defect normal
#1230 Bug in MacOS serial stream implementation? new defect normal
#1250 float format fail new defect normal
#1261 (open "/proc/[pid]/fd/[int]") fails on linux new defect normal
#1265 Missing functions: File-create-date etc. new svspire enhancement normal Future Clozure CL
#1267 format handles *print-circle* wrong new defect normal
#1268 DEFSETF long form expansion new defect normal
#1272 formating single-float produce short-float new defect normal
#1276 CCL doesn't work with CLX on Windows 7. new defect normal
#1277 pprint-fill et al mangles output when *print-pretty* is nil new defect normal
#1281 d and k handled incorrectly in ~e float format new defect normal
#1284 cp932 non-round-trip mapping workaround new enhancement normal
#1287 Stack overflow on broken pipe new defect normal
#1288 don't recompile hemlock everytime new enhancement normal
#1293 Record source locations for symbol macros new enhancement normal
#1306 with-open-file supersede sometimes fails on Windows new defect normal
#1308 copy-readtable WITH dispatch macros? new defect normal
#1315 macroexpand-all unexpected expansion new defect normal
#1323 clpython regression in ccl-1.11 new defect normal
#1324 usocket tests hang in ccl 1.11 new defect normal
#1327 provide way to inhibit kernel debugger new rme enhancement normal
#1329 Errors from getaddrinfo are not signaled new defect normal
#1342 Forcing output doesn't update the length new defect normal
#1344 command line args not passed into saved image, prepended kernel or no. new defect normal
#1348 run-program locks up if output from program is too long new defect normal
#1368 doc should clarify that streams used by RUN-PROGRAM should be capable of character i/o new defect normal
#1370 Incorrect timeout handling in MSWin version of CCL new defect normal
#1371 unexpected behavior with poll and fifos on os x new defect minor
#1373 (SETQ X X) is not optimized away new enhancement minor
#1376 error when reading/writing to files hosted on an ntfs volume loaded via paragon-ntfs software new defect normal
#1383 Use xcrun to find SDKROOT for Darwin-based systems assigned rme defect normal
#1385 run-program documentation fails to mention :element-type new defect normal
#1387 run-program returns wrong exit code for aws cli when aws cli returns no output new defect normal
#1401 bug in type derivation with ash new defect normal
#1415 Compiler warning for a global function bound to a function created using CONSTANTLY. new defect minor
#1419 Update the location of the trunk in the web docs new enhancement minor
#1421 Buffering option for connecting via a socket new enhancement normal
#1422 path-is-link new defect minor
#1425 Premature error reading from closed socket new defect normal
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