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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1257 Bogus-object on multi-core ARM new rme defect major
#1274 APPLY-IN-FRAME isn't implemented on ARM new gb defect major
#1321 When using save-application from slime, the image generated does not enter in break loop in case of error new defect major
#101 mmap failures sometimes ignored assigned gb defect normal
#376 callbacks should preserve immediate thread-local state new gb defect normal
#396 Support tracing local functions new gb enhancement normal
#409 Handling of invalid type specifiers assigned gb enhancement normal
#622 race in PROCESS-SUSPEND-COUNT new gb defect normal
#667 open :if-exists :rename doesn't rename new gb defect normal
#695 FILE-POSITION support incomplete for STRING-STREAMs new defect normal
#699 thread creation foils libraries that rely on blocking signals new defect normal
#762 Anonymous classes are never garbage collected new defect normal
#822 run-program and save-application don't work together assigned gb defect normal
#852 handling weak-on-value hash tables in EGC new defect normal
#1022 CCL does not start on win7 (32bit) assigned gb defect normal
#1044 Allocation error when creating/killing many threads reopened defect normal
#1114 RUN-PROGRAM borks on :ELEMENT-TYPE :DEFAULT new enhancement normal
#1118 MAKE-WINDOWS-COMMAND-LINE doesn't escape spaces correctly new rme defect normal
#1123 win64 threads crash new defect normal
#1144 Add variable to control breaking on SIGINT new enhancement normal
#1179 win64 threads crash # 2 new defect normal
#1213 Subseq hangs on 64-bit Windows new defect normal
#1239 Subnormal FP numbers handled incorrectly in expt new defect normal
#1310 Add arrays displaced to foreign memory new enhancement normal
#1314 Stress test failure for sockets new defect normal
#1326 ccl:run-program breaks on Solaris when portable allegroserve is loaded and running new defect normal
#1328 probe-file returns paths without pathname name new enhancement normal
#1332 win64 save-application crashes sometimes new defect normal
#1375 external-process-status not always updated correctly new defect normal
#1378 stack overflow on ARM new defect normal
#1384 Consistent crash on Windows 7 after 10 seconds new defect normal
#234 [ACL2] Garbage Collection Performance on OpenMCL assigned gb enhancement minor
#306 don't put lisp objects at addresses below #x01000000 new rme enhancement minor
#343 SWANK interface layer new gz enhancement minor
#350 need a BUG-REPORT function new gb enhancement minor
#351 linux/x8632 %stat lossage new gb defect minor
#354 Need faster bignums new rme enhancement minor
#752 lisp doesn't run on linuxppc system using 64K pages new enhancement minor
#766 Implement transferring ownership of a stream new enhancement trivial
#930 CCL doesn't support tracing local functions new gz enhancement trivial
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