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#1255 objc:load-framework does not call ccl::register-objc-init-messages properly new defect major
#453 Need a way to declare that Objective-C classes implement formal protocols new rme enhancement normal
#659 kap flaw on repeated use new defect normal
#675 use objc-2.0 API for 32-bit objc bridge code new task normal Future Clozure CL
#792 build-application depends on cocoa, but apparently miss a (require :cocoa). new defect normal
#1200 %safe-get-objc-class apparently isn't completely safe assigned gb defect normal
#1233 Documentation on creating a ns-number is incorrect new defect normal
#1254 Remove obsolete documentation about send-super and related functions/macros new task normal
#174 need some way to have call-next-method refer to super new gb enhancement minor
#256 Enable tracing of objc dispatch functions new rme enhancement minor
#676 revive support for GNU Objective-C runtime new task minor Future Clozure CL
#178 warn if #/dealloc doesn't call-next-method new gb enhancement trivial
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