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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#672 Unbundle Cocoa-based IDE new rme task normal Future Clozure CL
#720 And "Open Selected File" to SLIME new enhancement normal
#724 Get to Inspector from Backtrace window new rme enhancement normal
#727 Write tutorial for EasyGui new task normal
#729 Save As..., then drag to PLACES new defect normal
#737 Spurious windows from meta-point new jaj defect normal
#746 ASDF project browser should be on the Tools menu new rme enhancement normal
#759 Apropos dialog enhancement new enhancement normal
#791 First time (require :cocoa) tries to write in system-wide installation directory of ccl. new enhancement normal Cocoa IDE v?
#820 rename file name in finder new defect normal Future Clozure CL
#834 document and support external format for liberal line ending convention new enhancement normal
#839 gui inspector hangs lisp new defect normal
#847 profiling in Cocoa-based IDE new rme task normal
#903 multiple line indent with tab new defect normal
#917 Search Files difficulties: consequences of closing dialog before search is completed. new enhancement normal
#947 list navigation in Hemlock can enter infinite loop assigned gb defect normal
#955 build-applications generates an application that tries to load the file used to generate the application. new gb defect normal
#965 Feature request: Editor enhancement new enhancement normal Future Clozure CL
#987 Search Files dialog hang new defect normal
#1008 coverage report generation fails with some non-ascii chars new gz defect normal
#1025 snippets buffer new enhancement normal
#1072 Save As panel should preselect file name but not extension new rme defect normal
#1081 control-w broken in reverse incremental search new defect normal
#1104 The location of the document "xyz" cannot be determined. new defect normal
#1105 Auto save new enhancement normal Future Clozure CL
#1106 .file.lisp rather than file.lisp~ new enhancement normal Future Clozure CL
#1139 Do paren matching even within block comments new gz enhancement normal
#1147 Meta-dot doesn't work with cocoa-remote-lisp new gz enhancement normal
#1148 Tramp-mode windows in Hemlock new gz enhancement normal
#1149 Need dired in IDE new gz enhancement normal
#1153 Add a Hemlock Commands window reopened xach enhancement normal
#1154 Update the Search Files tool reopened xach defect normal
#1155 Integrate ASDF browser new xach enhancement normal
#1160 undo and read-only-listener problems new defect normal
#1167 Add filter to list definitions window assigned xach enhancement normal
#1168 Add sorting options to List Definitions window new xach enhancement normal
#1169 Improve legibility of List Definitions window new xach enhancement normal
#1170 Don't show commented-out forms in Definitions window new xach enhancement normal
#1180 Cocoa IDE succumbs to AppNap, and there is no checkbox to turn it off in the About new enhancement normal
#1185 Search Files dialog problem new xach defect normal
#1240 editor-execute-expression-command no longer ensures output is visible new defect normal
#1248 Add "Show Callers" command new xach enhancement normal
#1249 IDE truncates unicode characters to 16 bits new defect normal
#1263 duplicate window crash new rme defect normal
#1266 yielding to another thread in AltConsole doesn't work new defect normal
#1325 Whostate supplied by #'process-wait and #'process-wait-with-timeout effectively ignored new svspire defect normal
#1337 The Hemlock listener freezes when you try to paste text into a write-protected region new defect normal
#1347 Dragging a folder to Hemlock's Dock icon causes a freeze new defect normal
#1382 Separate IDE from running Lisp via Swank new enhancement normal
#1392 continue from (break) has odd behaviour within file load. new defect normal
#1397 Setting certain character attributes for non-ascii characters causes IDE crash new defect normal Cocoa IDE v?
#1404 Hemlock causing hang new defect normal
#177 implement mouse copy new rme enhancement major Cocoa IDE v?
#1003 Undo in listener kills Clozure new defect major
#1102 Trace and error reporting don't respect *print-length* new defect major
#1202 Search-files results are no longer double-clickable new xach defect major
#1341 collect-heap-utilization-by-class causes heap corruption new gb defect major
#1356 Menu activation disables closing shared libraries new defect major
#1420 *echo-expression-to-listener* doesn't work new defect major
#400 lisp API for managing text attributes assigned rme enhancement critical Cocoa IDE v1
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