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#66 Apropos output too far right new gb defect minor
#86 c-x c-x doesn't interact with selection correctly new gz defect minor
#91 c-q ignores numarg new gb defect minor
#138 LOOP doesn't indent right new gb defect minor
#145 Handling exceptions (lisp errors, NSExceptions ...) in the event thread assigned gb defect normal Cocoa IDE v1
#157 shouldn't be able to delete text from listener scrollback new rme defect minor
#171 Current code for handling lisp errors/NSExecptions in event thread is not robust. new gb defect normal Cocoa IDE v1
#193 Beginning of Page and End of Page keystrokes are not bound new gz defect minor
#201 Loading [CR-terminated] file creates weirdly bogus code new gb defect minor
#206 Don't indent in the middle of a string new defect normal Cocoa IDE v1
#212 Error messages in the IDE should refer user to restarts/backtrace/continue menu items and key equivalents new gb defect minor
#233 BUILD-APPLICATION makes it hard to use a user-specified application delegate new mikel defect minor Cocoa IDE v?
#413 Hemlock undo (bound to C-_) is useless/broken new gz defect minor
#418 Source info for listener definitions new gz defect normal
#420 add the ability to not search comments to the search files dialog new xach defect normal Cocoa IDE v1
#422 UNDO doesn't affect selection, visible region new defect normal Cocoa IDE v1
#423 Save and restore editor window positions assigned gb defect normal Cocoa IDE v1
#455 Allow user to select default encoding for editor files new rme defect normal Cocoa IDE v?
#460 Japanese input methods don't work assigned gb defect normal Cocoa IDE v?
#462 dragging a folder proxy icon to an IDE listener inserts a file pathname, not a directory pathname new rme defect normal
#477 Hemlock confused by this newfangled Unicode thing assigned gb defect normal
#486 behavior in Apropos with accents new defect normal Cocoa IDE v1
#488 behavior in Apropos with not saved files or files without .lisp new defect normal Cocoa IDE v1
#489 Search Files for functions with accent in the name new defect normal Cocoa IDE v1
#490 "find source code" commande doesn't work with functions with accents in their name new defect normal Cocoa IDE v1
#492 apropos behavior with functions not yet loaded, before, after... new defect normal Cocoa IDE v1
#512 The icon displayed in the finder differs from that in the dock assigned mikel defect normal
#529 Lisp>Load Buffer and Lisp files with defpackage + in-package, -> 'no package' error assigned mikel defect normal
#536 Entering a breakloop by evaluating a form in a SLIME REPL wedges the SLIME REPL reopened defect normal Cocoa IDE v?
#537 IDE does not complete swank load at startup assigned mikel defect normal Cocoa IDE v?
#538 Two *load-print* nits new defect minor
#540 String syntax highlighting is very slow reopened defect normal
#549 Hemlock selection extension not fully mac-like new defect minor
#551 I-Search Yank Word doesn't work with Reverse Incremental Search new defect normal
#575 c-x c-s in Hemlock displays only c-x in the Minibuffer new defect normal
#650 Need compiler warnings browser new defect normal
#658 gui::cocoa-edit fails badly when pathname doesn't exist new defect minor
#663 Can't bind commands to shift-tab new defect normal
#729 Save As..., then drag to PLACES new defect normal
#730 Apropos no Copy, but Cut new defect trivial
#737 Spurious windows from meta-point new jaj defect normal
#820 rename file name in finder new defect normal Future Clozure CL
#839 gui inspector hangs lisp new defect normal
#903 multiple line indent with tab new defect normal
#947 list navigation in Hemlock can enter infinite loop assigned gb defect normal
#955 build-applications generates an application that tries to load the file used to generate the application. new gb defect normal
#987 Search Files dialog hang new defect normal
#1003 Undo in listener kills Clozure new defect major
#1008 coverage report generation fails with some non-ascii chars new gz defect normal
#1072 Save As panel should preselect file name but not extension new rme defect normal
#1081 control-w broken in reverse incremental search new defect normal
#1102 Trace and error reporting don't respect *print-length* new defect major
#1104 The location of the document "xyz" cannot be determined. new defect normal
#1130 loop for nil from... causes waring "Variable [...] not ignored." new defect minor
#1154 Update the Search Files tool reopened xach defect normal
#1160 undo and read-only-listener problems new defect normal
#1185 Search Files dialog problem new xach defect normal
#1202 Search-files results are no longer double-clickable new xach defect major
#1240 editor-execute-expression-command no longer ensures output is visible new defect normal
#1249 IDE truncates unicode characters to 16 bits new defect normal
#1263 duplicate window crash new rme defect normal
#1266 yielding to another thread in AltConsole doesn't work new defect normal
#1325 Whostate supplied by #'process-wait and #'process-wait-with-timeout effectively ignored new svspire defect normal
#1337 The Hemlock listener freezes when you try to paste text into a write-protected region new defect normal
#1341 collect-heap-utilization-by-class causes heap corruption new gb defect major
#1347 Dragging a folder to Hemlock's Dock icon causes a freeze new defect normal
#1356 Menu activation disables closing shared libraries new defect major
#1392 continue from (break) has odd behaviour within file load. new defect normal
#1397 Setting certain character attributes for non-ascii characters causes IDE crash new defect normal Cocoa IDE v?
#1404 Hemlock causing hang new defect normal
#1420 *echo-expression-to-listener* doesn't work new defect major
#32 Edit-Required-File new gb enhancement trivial
#54 Convert Apple quick-start Cocoa example programs to Lisp new enhancement trivial Cocoa IDE v?
#56 Make Cocoa UI toys new mikel enhancement trivial Cocoa IDE v?
#57 Add Lisp APIs for handling common simple Cocoa UI tasks new mikel enhancement minor Cocoa IDE v?
#58 Create drag-and-drop examples new mikel enhancement trivial Cocoa IDE v?
#59 Add a simple Graphics API new enhancement normal Cocoa IDE v?
#116 Higlight all search occurences like Safari 3.0 new gb enhancement minor
#120 provide way to change fonts in open windows new enhancement minor
#123 Use Core Animation for the Clozure CL Backtrace new rme enhancement minor
#124 fancy online documentation new rme enhancement minor
#128 Pathname completion new gb enhancement minor
#131 Spell checking, sort of new gb enhancement minor
#132 ui for hemlock keybindings new gz enhancement minor
#149 Processes window fields new gb enhancement trivial
#160 Be smarter about selecting a hemlock major mode when opening a file new rme enhancement minor
#161 In the preferences, instead of just a font, support text attributes too. new rme enhancement minor
#163 hyperspec lookup should use a WebView new rme enhancement minor
#165 Symbol Completion Improvements new gb enhancement minor
#169 Add class-slot-list-expansion Hemlock command new rme enhancement minor
#170 Add package management commands to Hemlock new gb enhancement minor
#176 Apropos dialog should display a little bit more information about the symbols assigned rme enhancement normal Cocoa IDE v1
#177 implement mouse copy new rme enhancement major Cocoa IDE v?
#189 There should be a open file from current selection menu item new palter enhancement normal Cocoa IDE v1
#192 Fix "Load Buffer..." and related menu-items assigned mikel enhancement minor
#194 The text-encoding drop-down menu in the file dialog is confusing new gb enhancement minor
#197 control-click in the close box should hide the window new rme enhancement normal Cocoa IDE v1
#198 Option-click into the close box of a window should ask before all windows are closed new enhancement normal Cocoa IDE v1
#204 add option to wrap/not wrap text in listeners new rme enhancement minor
#313 NIT: "cocoa-application" seems like the wrong REQUIRE target for the IDE new gz enhancement trivial
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