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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#277 subtypep bug with hairy cons/real types new gb defect major
#1322 hairy-equal failures new defect major
#436 Failure expanding defsetf with &rest parameter assigned gb defect normal
#633 probe-file after delete-file succeeds new gb defect normal
#653 class-finalized-p true though effects of custom finalizations discarded on load new gb defect normal
#748 with-open-file leaves temp files on element-type errors new rme defect normal
#778 make-pathname :case :common changes the case of the :defaults argument, it should not. new defect normal
#814 ENOUGH-NAMESTRING on Windows does not take drives into account new defect normal
#833 newline handled incorrectly by load and compile-file reopened defect normal Future Clozure CL
#835 format function issue (floating point directive) reopened defect normal
#925 Attempting to redefine a symbol in the CL package should cause a compile-time error new enhancement normal
#1024 *print-circle* in report-condition new defect normal
#1063 Make the standard readtable read-only new enhancement normal
#1073 bug in format ~f new defect normal
#1080 require is half case sensitive, half case insensitive, which leads to duplicate loading of modules. new defect normal
#1088 lambda docstrings can't be read assigned gb defect normal
#1089 Cannot support non-ANSI (in this case, Chinese) path names assigned gb defect normal
#1112 #[-+] reader macros don't nest correctly assigned gb defect normal
#1113 defstruct types aren't properly recognized by subsequent forms assigned gb defect normal
#1122 bug in peek-char for CRLF-type line-endings new defect normal
#1285 probe-file not returning truename (sometimes) new defect normal
#1295 Displaced arrays don't work as expected new defect normal
#1296 Pretty-print Not Honoring ~:@_ Directive new defect normal
#1298 Displaced arrays with invalid array dimension(s). new defect normal
#1299 Incorrect deletion of (aref v -1). new defect normal Future Clozure CL
#1300 read-delimited-list is not conforming. new defect normal
#1364 backquote: incorrect behaviour of ,,@ when followed by ,@,@ new defect normal
#1366 merge-pathnames bug with :back component new defect normal
#1399 potential FORMAT conformity issue new defect normal
#6 Backquote ,@,@ handling new gb defect minor
#273 (acos -1) not quite right [on Mac] new gb defect minor
#276 No error on COERCE with or'ed vector size type specs new gb defect minor
#279 subtypep incorrect with COMPLEX type specifiers new gb defect minor
#282 set-syntax-from-char reader problem new gb defect minor
#328 (map 'list #'identity '(x . "abc")) should signal type-error reopened gb enhancement minor
#609 DEFSTRUCT slot initforms don't capture lexical environment new gb defect minor
#754 :type slot option not overridden for for :included slots in defstruct new defect minor
#973 Lambda list destructuring not strict enough new defect minor
#1127 cond clauses must have a test. new defect minor
#1253 Conformance issue with compiler macros and FUNCALL new defect minor
#269 &whole destructuring new gb defect trivial
#280 Large stream byte sizes not supported new gb defect trivial
#584 ignore declaration in do-symbols new gb defect trivial
#908 y-or-n-p execution new enhancement trivial
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