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#676 revive support for GNU Objective-C runtime new task minor Future Clozure CL
#685 Provide a user-controllable default for internal string encodings new enhancement minor
#713 make save-application omit source notes, etc. new enhancement minor
#751 CCL can spuriously warn about unknown functions new defect minor
#752 lisp doesn't run on linuxppc system using 64K pages new enhancement minor
#754 :type slot option not overridden for for :included slots in defstruct new defect minor
#797 Windows: invisible cursor during c-x c-f new rme defect minor
#922 Add a way to reference variables that does not count as 'using' them new enhancement minor
#931 Unimportant frames in backtrace new enhancement minor
#940 CCL should warn when attempting to redefine a package to have fewer exported symbols new enhancement minor
#956 add --no-ide switch to App Store CCL new rme enhancement minor
#1127 cond clauses must have a test. new defect minor
#1130 loop for nil from... causes waring "Variable [...] not ignored." new defect minor
#1146 Printing a Hemlock window can't not show background color new enhancement minor
#1150 DISASSEMBLE-LINES isn't implemented yet for ARM new gb enhancement minor
#1156 Altconsole text font size change new enhancement minor
#1173 make playing cards sample code available new rme enhancement minor
#1177 migrate from WordPress to something else new task minor
#1187 Add readline capability to command-line ccl new enhancement minor
#1253 Conformance issue with compiler macros and FUNCALL new defect minor
#1371 unexpected behavior with poll and fifos on os x new defect minor
#1373 (SETQ X X) is not optimized away new enhancement minor
#1419 Update the location of the trunk in the web docs new enhancement minor
#1422 path-is-link new defect minor
#380 nil receivers and x8632 and objc_msgSend_fpret new rme enhancement trivial
#552 ccl::report-compiler-warning vs. *print-circle* new gb enhancement trivial
#584 ignore declaration in do-symbols new gb defect trivial
#662 Export and possibly enhance CCL::DEFINE-TOPLEVEL-COMMAND new enhancement trivial
#730 Apropos no Copy, but Cut new defect trivial
#760 Apropos dialog not windoid new enhancement trivial
#766 Implement transferring ownership of a stream new enhancement trivial
#930 CCL doesn't support tracing local functions new gz enhancement trivial
#1095 Buffer modified icon new enhancement trivial
#1219 The CCL icon is ugly new enhancement trivial
#1334 it is slow to define macros with huge numbers of args new defect trivial
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