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#375 ccl::%svref with "large" fixnum indices assigned gb defect minor
#460 Japanese input methods don't work assigned gb defect normal Cocoa IDE v?
#512 The icon displayed in the finder differs from that in the dock assigned mikel defect normal
#538 Two *load-print* nits new defect minor
#540 String syntax highlighting is very slow reopened defect normal
#566 Compiler warnings in new defect normal
#569 ccl:close-shared-library seems to loop forever? assigned gb defect normal
#574 format vs. *print-circle* new defect normal
#575 c-x c-s in Hemlock displays only c-x in the Minibuffer new defect normal
#584 ignore declaration in do-symbols new gb defect trivial
#609 DEFSTRUCT slot initforms don't capture lexical environment new gb defect minor
#622 race in PROCESS-SUSPEND-COUNT new gb defect normal
#623 "Retry applying" restart doesn't work for SETF new gb defect normal
#633 probe-file after delete-file succeeds new gb defect normal
#650 Need compiler warnings browser new defect normal
#653 class-finalized-p true though effects of custom finalizations discarded on load new gb defect normal
#658 gui::cocoa-edit fails badly when pathname doesn't exist new defect minor
#659 kap flaw on repeated use new defect normal
#667 open :if-exists :rename doesn't rename new gb defect normal
#695 FILE-POSITION support incomplete for STRING-STREAMs new defect normal
#699 thread creation foils libraries that rely on blocking signals new defect normal
#712 errors when *save-source-locations* is nil new gz defect normal
#729 Save As..., then drag to PLACES new defect normal
#730 Apropos no Copy, but Cut new defect trivial
#737 Spurious windows from meta-point new jaj defect normal
#748 with-open-file leaves temp files on element-type errors new rme defect normal
#751 CCL can spuriously warn about unknown functions new defect minor
#754 :type slot option not overridden for for :included slots in defstruct new defect minor
#762 Anonymous classes are never garbage collected new defect normal
#778 make-pathname :case :common changes the case of the :defaults argument, it should not. new defect normal
#795 Windows: can't double click to select form new rme defect normal
#797 Windows: invisible cursor during c-x c-f new rme defect minor
#798 Windows: no frames in backtrace dialog new rme defect normal
#806 Undo is always ghosted on windows IDE new defect normal
#811 After searching in a window nothing can be highlighted (Windows/Cocotron) new defect normal
#814 ENOUGH-NAMESTRING on Windows does not take drives into account new defect normal
#820 rename file name in finder new defect normal Future Clozure CL
#822 run-program and save-application don't work together assigned gb defect normal
#833 newline handled incorrectly by load and compile-file reopened defect normal Future Clozure CL
#852 handling weak-on-value hash tables in EGC new defect normal
#878 Wrong CCL_DEFAULT_DIRECTORY on Cygwin new defect normal
#903 multiple line indent with tab new defect normal
#912 Let's use POSIX locale for *terminal-io* character encoding by default. new defect normal
#947 list navigation in Hemlock can enter infinite loop assigned gb defect normal
#953 Can't load from logical pathname when *default-pathname-defaults* is logical reopened defect normal
#966 Double-scrolling in coverage report new defect normal
#967 Coverage reports should allow opening links in new tabs new defect normal
#983 ccl:external-process-id on Windows returns process handle, but not an ID new defect normal
#987 Search Files dialog hang new defect normal
#1022 CCL does not start on win7 (32bit) assigned gb defect normal
#1024 *print-circle* in report-condition new defect normal
#1044 Allocation error when creating/killing many threads reopened defect normal
#1051 Format directives paremeter checking. new defect normal
#1072 Save As panel should preselect file name but not extension new rme defect normal
#1073 bug in format ~f new defect normal
#1080 require is half case sensitive, half case insensitive, which leads to duplicate loading of modules. new defect normal
#1081 control-w broken in reverse incremental search new defect normal
#1085 LOOP estimate-code-size problem new defect normal
#1086 Support Windows UNC pathnames new defect normal
#1088 lambda docstrings can't be read assigned gb defect normal
#1089 Cannot support non-ANSI (in this case, Chinese) path names assigned gb defect normal
#1102 Trace and error reporting don't respect *print-length* new defect major
#1104 The location of the document "xyz" cannot be determined. new defect normal
#1112 #[-+] reader macros don't nest correctly assigned gb defect normal
#1113 defstruct types aren't properly recognized by subsequent forms assigned gb defect normal
#1118 MAKE-WINDOWS-COMMAND-LINE doesn't escape spaces correctly new rme defect normal
#1121 filename ~user/... is treated as ~/... by truename new defect normal
#1122 bug in peek-char for CRLF-type line-endings new defect normal
#1123 win64 threads crash new defect normal
#1127 cond clauses must have a test. new defect minor
#1130 loop for nil from... causes waring "Variable [...] not ignored." new defect minor
#1142 ccl crashes after calling (quit) assigned gb defect normal
#1154 Update the Search Files tool reopened xach defect normal
#1160 undo and read-only-listener problems new defect normal
#1179 win64 threads crash # 2 new defect normal
#1183 CFFI, Mac OS X, shared libraries, crash reopened defect critical
#1185 Search Files dialog problem new xach defect normal
#1189 bug in FORMAT ?? new defect normal
#1200 %safe-get-objc-class apparently isn't completely safe assigned gb defect normal
#1202 Search-files results are no longer double-clickable new xach defect major
#1207 Argument mismatch for structure accessors produces a bad error. new defect normal
#1230 Bug in MacOS serial stream implementation? new defect normal
#1239 Subnormal FP numbers handled incorrectly in expt new defect normal
#1249 IDE truncates unicode characters to 16 bits new defect normal
#1250 float format fail new defect normal
#1253 Conformance issue with compiler macros and FUNCALL new defect minor
#1255 objc:load-framework does not call ccl::register-objc-init-messages properly new defect major
#1257 Bogus-object on multi-core ARM new rme defect major
#1261 (open "/proc/[pid]/fd/[int]") fails on linux new defect normal
#1263 duplicate window crash new rme defect normal
#1266 yielding to another thread in AltConsole doesn't work new defect normal
#1267 format handles *print-circle* wrong new defect normal
#1268 DEFSETF long form expansion new defect normal
#1271 YMM registers corrupted by foreign function interrupts reopened gb defect normal
#1272 formating single-float produce short-float new defect normal
#1274 APPLY-IN-FRAME isn't implemented on ARM new gb defect major
#1277 pprint-fill et al mangles output when *print-pretty* is nil new defect normal
#1279 Infinite loop on unmasked foreign SIGFPE new defect normal
#1281 d and k handled incorrectly in ~e float format new defect normal
#1285 probe-file not returning truename (sometimes) new defect normal
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