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#328 (map 'list #'identity '(x . "abc")) should signal type-error reopened gb enhancement minor
#375 ccl::%svref with "large" fixnum indices assigned gb defect minor
#460 Japanese input methods don't work assigned gb defect normal Cocoa IDE v?
#552 ccl::report-compiler-warning vs. *print-circle* new gb enhancement trivial
#569 ccl:close-shared-library seems to loop forever? assigned gb defect normal
#584 ignore declaration in do-symbols new gb defect trivial
#590 Add way to tell compiler to ignore DYNAMIC-EXTENT decls new gb enhancement minor
#609 DEFSTRUCT slot initforms don't capture lexical environment new gb defect minor
#622 race in PROCESS-SUSPEND-COUNT new gb defect normal
#623 "Retry applying" restart doesn't work for SETF new gb defect normal
#633 probe-file after delete-file succeeds new gb defect normal
#653 class-finalized-p true though effects of custom finalizations discarded on load new gb defect normal
#667 open :if-exists :rename doesn't rename new gb defect normal
#822 run-program and save-application don't work together assigned gb defect normal
#947 list navigation in Hemlock can enter infinite loop assigned gb defect normal
#995 CCL internal lock contention during multi-threaded computation assigned gb enhancement normal
#1022 CCL does not start on win7 (32bit) assigned gb defect normal
#1088 lambda docstrings can't be read assigned gb defect normal
#1089 Cannot support non-ANSI (in this case, Chinese) path names assigned gb defect normal
#1112 #[-+] reader macros don't nest correctly assigned gb defect normal
#1113 defstruct types aren't properly recognized by subsequent forms assigned gb defect normal
#1142 ccl crashes after calling (quit) assigned gb defect normal
#1150 DISASSEMBLE-LINES isn't implemented yet for ARM new gb enhancement minor
#1200 %safe-get-objc-class apparently isn't completely safe assigned gb defect normal
#1271 YMM registers corrupted by foreign function interrupts reopened gb defect normal
#1274 APPLY-IN-FRAME isn't implemented on ARM new gb defect major
#1339 Avoid boxing / unboxing when copying array elements new gb enhancement normal
#1341 collect-heap-utilization-by-class causes heap corruption new gb defect major
#1354 Array element not set if array is declared assigned gb defect normal
#1355 bad regspec: NIL compiling with speed 3 safety 0 assigned gb defect normal
#353 examples of TRACE usage new gz enhancement minor
#712 errors when *save-source-locations* is nil new gz defect normal
#930 CCL doesn't support tracing local functions new gz enhancement trivial
#1139 Do paren matching even within block comments new gz enhancement normal
#1147 Meta-dot doesn't work with cocoa-remote-lisp new gz enhancement normal
#1148 Tramp-mode windows in Hemlock new gz enhancement normal
#1149 Need dired in IDE new gz enhancement normal
#737 Spurious windows from meta-point new jaj defect normal
#943 Code coverage of unreferenced functions new kmcorbett enhancement normal
#946 Tag coverage per test new kmcorbett enhancement normal
#512 The icon displayed in the finder differs from that in the dock assigned mikel defect normal
#340 make LOG smarter? new rme enhancement minor
#380 nil receivers and x8632 and objc_msgSend_fpret new rme enhancement trivial
#453 Need a way to declare that Objective-C classes implement formal protocols new rme enhancement normal
#544 Break loops for threads new rme enhancement normal
#672 Unbundle Cocoa-based IDE new rme task normal Future Clozure CL
#687 use posix_spawn for ccl:run-program new rme enhancement normal
#724 Get to Inspector from Backtrace window new rme enhancement normal
#746 ASDF project browser should be on the Tools menu new rme enhancement normal
#748 with-open-file leaves temp files on element-type errors new rme defect normal
#795 Windows: can't double click to select form new rme defect normal
#797 Windows: invisible cursor during c-x c-f new rme defect minor
#798 Windows: no frames in backtrace dialog new rme defect normal
#847 profiling in Cocoa-based IDE new rme task normal
#875 build Windows lisp kernel with MS tools new rme enhancement normal
#956 add --no-ide switch to App Store CCL new rme enhancement minor
#1072 Save As panel should preselect file name but not extension new rme defect normal
#1118 MAKE-WINDOWS-COMMAND-LINE doesn't escape spaces correctly new rme defect normal
#1173 make playing cards sample code available new rme enhancement minor
#1195 add Maxima test suite to buildbot new rme enhancement normal
#1257 Bogus-object on multi-core ARM new rme defect major
#1263 duplicate window crash new rme defect normal
#1327 provide way to inhibit kernel debugger new rme enhancement normal
#1379 Raspberry PI B+ (arm32) - error "Unknown vinsn: ccl::nfp-store-unboxed-double-float-nested" new rme defect normal Clozure CL 1.12
#1383 Use xcrun to find SDKROOT for Darwin-based systems assigned rme defect normal
#1265 Missing functions: File-create-date etc. new svspire enhancement normal Future Clozure CL
#1325 Whostate supplied by #'process-wait and #'process-wait-with-timeout effectively ignored new svspire defect normal
#1153 Add a Hemlock Commands window reopened xach enhancement normal
#1154 Update the Search Files tool reopened xach defect normal
#1155 Integrate ASDF browser new xach enhancement normal
#1167 Add filter to list definitions window assigned xach enhancement normal
#1168 Add sorting options to List Definitions window new xach enhancement normal
#1169 Improve legibility of List Definitions window new xach enhancement normal
#1170 Don't show commented-out forms in Definitions window new xach enhancement normal
#1185 Search Files dialog problem new xach defect normal
#1202 Search-files results are no longer double-clickable new xach defect major
#1248 Add "Show Callers" command new xach enhancement normal
#1419 Update the location of the trunk in the web docs new enhancement minor
#1421 Buffering option for connecting via a socket new enhancement normal
#1422 path-is-link new defect minor
#1425 Premature error reading from closed socket new defect normal
#466 support default encoding new enhancement normal Cocoa IDE v?
#538 Two *load-print* nits new defect minor
#540 String syntax highlighting is very slow reopened defect normal
#566 Compiler warnings in new defect normal
#574 format vs. *print-circle* new defect normal
#575 c-x c-s in Hemlock displays only c-x in the Minibuffer new defect normal
#576 command-. does not abort the running code in the listener new enhancement normal
#579 changed text files on disk are not detected during typing new enhancement normal
#580 compile buffer is misleading, fails to save buffer, too new enhancement normal
#582 Some minor UI nits new enhancement normal
#632 period (.) is being escaped by merge-pathnames new enhancement major
#650 Need compiler warnings browser new defect normal
#658 gui::cocoa-edit fails badly when pathname doesn't exist new defect minor
#659 kap flaw on repeated use new defect normal
#662 Export and possibly enhance CCL::DEFINE-TOPLEVEL-COMMAND new enhancement trivial
#675 use objc-2.0 API for 32-bit objc bridge code new task normal Future Clozure CL
#676 revive support for GNU Objective-C runtime new task minor Future Clozure CL
#685 Provide a user-controllable default for internal string encodings new enhancement minor
#695 FILE-POSITION support incomplete for STRING-STREAMs new defect normal
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