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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#400 lisp API for managing text attributes rme enhancement critical IDE
#145 Handling exceptions (lisp errors, NSExceptions ...) in the event thread gb defect normal IDE
#176 Apropos dialog should display a little bit more information about the symbols rme enhancement normal IDE
#423 Save and restore editor window positions gb defect normal IDE

Status: closed (47 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#50 Exception when accessing text attributes in echo area buffers gb defect major IDE 1.1
#90 Editor silently lets you clobber changed file gb defect major IDE
#150 confused by close paren at end of file gb defect major IDE
#151 cmd-. doesn't pop out when debugger entered from an editor buffer gb defect major IDE
#153 Redisplay delays in listener gb defect major IDE
#154 Enter in editor doesn't work on non-atomic expressions rme defect major IDE
#155 Copying previous input in listener not quite right mikel defect major IDE
#164 command-control-d (while mouse cursor is over a word) crashes OpenMCL, oops, Clozure CL gb defect major IDE unspecific
#182 Cannot enter # on British Keyboard rme defect major Documentation pre-1.0
#191 Return sometimes doesn't add a newline gb defect major IDE
#195 Page Up and Page Down commands in Editor windows move the cursor gb defect major IDE unspecific
#211 Tilde at the end of expression causes the sky to fall gb defect major IDE
#218 German keyboard: cannot enter certain characters directly (listener, etc) rme defect major IDE unspecific
#258 Pasting into mini-buffer doesn't work defect major IDE
#311 can't execute-selection that ends in a comment gz defect major IDE
#444 Display error when entering #\ gb defect major IDE
#472 Hemlock can't open French file with long pathname rme defect major IDE 1.3
#530 Need better error handling for "file not found" while doing meta-dot mikel defect major IDE 1.3
#562 ESC-anything breaks the IDE mikel defect major IDE trunk
#73 Backtrace call-site location mikel enhancement normal IDE
#87 Need IDE init file gb enhancement normal IDE
#125 Add syntax-coloring enhancement normal IDE
#168 Hemlock Command 'Edit Command Definition' does not work defect normal IDE
#196 Clozure CL should be more clever about window placement rme enhancement normal IDE
#360 Drag and drop broken gb defect normal IDE 1.2
#389 m-u/m-l/m-c ignore selection gz defect normal IDE
#416 Source locations for source files gz defect normal Runtime (threads, GC)
#419 add regular expressions to search files dialog defect normal IDE
#421 Hemlock doesn't understand #| ... |# defect normal IDE
#424 dragging a proxy icon or a finder icon to an editor window errors gz defect normal IDE
#426 Clear console gz enhancement normal IDE
#430 Command-H for Execute All gz enhancement normal IDE
#431 Shift-return rme defect normal IDE
#432 Load File dialog gz enhancement normal IDE
#434 Search files dialog gz enhancement normal IDE
#445 Closing AltConsole when quitting the IDE gb defect normal IDE
#451 Add a "Load File" menu-item rme enhancement normal IDE
#471 Right arrow on selection mikel defect normal IDE 1.3
#476 C-x C-v weirdness defect normal IDE 1.3
#491 search files... window not active when appear first time defect normal IDE 1.3
#493 inspector window never active defect normal IDE 1.3
#494 Listener window position enhancement normal IDE 1.3
#503 evaluate out commated function enhancement normal IDE 1.3
#504 find - replace with problems gb defect normal IDE 1.3
#534 "shift" in hemlock bindings dont work defect normal IDE 1.3
#565 small collapsing issue... defect normal IDE trunk
#68 NS out of bounds errors while in the editor gb defect minor IDE

Status: new (20 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#171 Current code for handling lisp errors/NSExecptions in event thread is not robust. gb defect normal IDE
#189 There should be a open file from current selection menu item palter enhancement normal IDE unspecific
#197 control-click in the close box should hide the window rme enhancement normal IDE unspecific
#198 Option-click into the close box of a window should ask before all windows are closed enhancement normal IDE unspecific
#206 Don't indent in the middle of a string defect normal IDE
#405 Need more dynamic arglist update enhancement normal IDE
#414 Add grouping to undo enhancement normal IDE
#415 make listener output not undoable enhancement normal IDE
#420 add the ability to not search comments to the search files dialog xach defect normal IDE
#422 UNDO doesn't affect selection, visible region defect normal IDE
#427 Find unbalanced paren enhancement normal IDE
#429 Execute... done message enhancement normal IDE
#433 Get Info Dialog enhancement normal IDE
#486 behavior in Apropos with accents defect normal IDE 1.3
#488 behavior in Apropos with not saved files or files without .lisp defect normal IDE 1.3
#489 Search Files for functions with accent in the name defect normal IDE 1.3
#490 "find source code" commande doesn't work with functions with accents in their name defect normal IDE 1.3
#492 apropos behavior with functions not yet loaded, before, after... defect normal IDE 1.3
#495 document, listener, inspector, window size, position, stacking in preferences enhancement normal IDE 1.3
#399 delimiter matching enhancement minor IDE
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