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(edit) @14881   10 years rme Stamp out remaining .cvsignore files.
(edit) @14879   10 years rme Darwin/x8664 interfaces built from Snow Leopard headers.
(edit) @14878   10 years rme Darwin/x8632 interfaces built from Snow Leopard headers.
(edit) @14876   10 years rme In thread_signal_setup(): have the system restart system calls when we …
(edit) @14875   10 years rme Correct #ifdef confusion in install_pmcl_exception_handlers().
(edit) @14874   10 years rme Forgot the "l" in "interrupt_handler".
(edit) @14873   10 years rme Change signature of install_signal_handler() and update callers.
(edit) @14872   10 years gb Newer versions of the win64 toolchain don't prepend underscores to C …
(edit) @14871   10 years rme Remove the LISP_ASSEMBLER_EXTRA_SIB_BYTE code from pc_luser_xp() and …
(edit) @14870   10 years rme Updated binaries.
(edit) @14869   10 years rme Bump min image, current fasl versions.
(edit) @14868   10 years rme Shouldn't need LISP_ASSEMBLER_EXTRA_SIB_BYTE in pc_luser_xp() any …
(edit) @14867   10 years rme Bump max image, fasl versions.
(edit) @14866   10 years rme Remove some darwinppc stuff from lisp-kernel.
(edit) @14865   10 years gb A long time ago (2001), some PPC Linux distribution's C libraries …
(edit) @14863   10 years gb In handle_fault: some OSes (you know who) don't bother to set …
(edit) @14862   10 years gb UNOPTIMIZE-DEPENDENTS undoes reader-method optimization.
(edit) @14861   10 years gb don't force gcc 4.0, live with protocol warnings
(edit) @14860   10 years gb In CLEAR-GF-CACHE, don't do anything if the dispatch table's ARGNUM …
(edit) @14859   10 years rme Delete some darwinppc-related directories.
(edit) @14855   10 years rme Put :ccl-1.7 on *features*.
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