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(edit) @14152   10 years rme Remove stray backquote.
(edit) @14151   10 years rme Restore r13769.
(edit) @14150   10 years gb ARM Linux binaries.
(edit) @14149   10 years gb If write-protecting a memory region fails with ENOMEM, map the region …
(edit) @14148   10 years gb %ENSURE-TLB-INDEX for ARM.
(edit) @14147   10 years gb kernel-import for WAIT-FOR-SIGNAL.
(edit) @14146   10 years gb Common struct defs, #defines in constants.h.
(edit) @14145   10 years gb Don't #include ppc-constants.h directly.
(edit) @14144   10 years gb Reinstate foreign_fpe tcr flag bit.
(edit) @14143   10 years gb Remove redundant/shared constant definitions.
(edit) @14142   10 years gb Remove redundant/common struct and constant definitions.
(edit) @14141   10 years gb Common constants here; need to remove duplicates from most …
(edit) @14140   10 years gb ARM conditionalization botch.
(edit) @14139   10 years gb Right Makefile.
(edit) @14138   10 years gb externals properties
(edit) @14137   10 years gb for trunk
(edit) @14136   10 years gb new
(edit) @14135   10 years gb new
(edit) @14134   10 years gb win64 binaries
(edit) @14133   10 years gb win32 binaries
(edit) @14132   10 years gb 64-bit FreeBSD binaries
(edit) @14131   10 years gb 32-bit FreeBSD binaries
(edit) @14130   10 years gb Solaris binaries
(edit) @14129   10 years gb darwinx86 binaries
(edit) @14128   10 years gb linuxx86 binaries
(edit) @14127   10 years gb darwinppc binaries
(edit) @14126   10 years gb linuxppc binaries
(edit) @14125   10 years gb FASL-SCAN-DISPATCH: ppc64 tagging isn't like the other children.
(edit) @14124   10 years gb extra arg to install_signal_handler; ignored on PPC.
(edit) @14123   10 years gb Fix xpMXCSR macro definition.
(edit) @14122   10 years gb De-pessimize the handling of the on_altstack arg to …
(edit) @14121   10 years gb FTYPE declaration for %DEFINE-ARM-LAP-FUNCTION.
(edit) @14120   10 years gb Un-botch NUMBERP/REALP on platforms that don't define …
(edit) @14119   10 years gb Changes from ARM branch. Need testing …
(edit) @14115   10 years gb Comment out ccl.bug#612-3, until we can figure out what it's testing.
(edit) @14086   10 years gz in decomp-afunc, handle circular refs
(edit) @14047   10 years rme Undo, for the time being, the effects of r13887. Those changes are …
(edit) @14046   10 years gz merge r13685: when reporting code coverage, check for changed source …
(edit) @14044   10 years gz support for reporting code coverage of acode, needs more testing
(edit) @14030   10 years rme Use *svn-program* instead of just "svn" when invoking svn from run-program.
(edit) @14029   10 years rme Tweak ensure-tests-loaded a bit to provide some debugging information.
(edit) @14028   10 years rme In string-to-pathname, do tilde expansion on Windows also. Note that …
(edit) @14021   10 years rme Per test CCL.57879-6, in DEFSTRUCT constructors, try not to complain …
(edit) @14020   10 years rme In FULL-PATHNAME, get a suitable device pathname component from …
(edit) @14012   10 years rme Use the versions of acosh[f], asinh[f], and atanh[f] that we use on …
(edit) @14010   10 years rme Add :exit keyword argument to test-ccl. When t, the lisp will exit …
(edit) @13994   10 years rme Clear tcr.ffi_exception in .SPffcall/.SPffcall_return_registers before …
(edit) @13990   10 years gb In the windows version of %GET-IP-INTERFACES, handle the "buffer too …
(edit) @13980   10 years gb Make the hash table used by INTERN-EQL-SPECIALIZER weak on value. …
(edit) @13979   10 years gb conditionalize for Windows, other small changes
(edit) @13978   10 years gb suppress warning in %TOKEN-PACKAGE
(edit) @13976   10 years gb Spell "true" with an "e".
(edit) @13975   10 years gb Fix typo in DECLAIM.
(edit) @13974   10 years gb Defer package lookup until token's been constructed; fixes ticket:698.
(edit) @13973   10 years gb Export WAIT-FOR-SIGNAL.
(edit) @13972   10 years gb Lisp side of WAIT-FOR-SIGNAL.
(edit) @13971   10 years gb Define kernel import for WAIT-FOR-SIGNAL.
(edit) @13970   10 years gb Kernel side of WAIT-FOR-SIGNAL. Probably needs to be more: a better …
(edit) @13969   10 years rme Correct typo (wint -> with). Fixes ticket:703.
(edit) @13966   10 years gz Record code coverage acode string and positions
(edit) @13965   10 years gz Change pprint-recording-positions to take a function to do the recording
(edit) @13964   10 years gz Add decode-file-range
(edit) @13961   10 years gz function inspector: show lfun bits and lfun info
(edit) @13960   10 years rme Keep trying to get xpMXCSR right on Solaris.
(edit) @13959   10 years rme Update to ASDF 2.004.
(edit) @13956   10 years rme Use /usr/bin/gm4 on Solaris systems. I don't know if Sun fixed the …
(edit) @13954   10 years gb In commit_pages(), try to ensure that we return false if …
(edit) @13953   10 years gb Spell xpMXCSR with a 'p'. Split 64/32-bit trap stuff into the right …
(edit) @13952   10 years rme New scheme for dealing with floating point exceptions on x86-64 …
(edit) @13947   10 years rme Update location of contrib externals.
(edit) @13946   10 years rme move contrib directory up a level
(edit) @13943   10 years rme When we get EXC_ARITHMETIC in catch_exception_raise(), translate a …
(edit) @13942   10 years gz Unbreak the printer
(edit) @13930   10 years rme describe_memfault(): FreeBSD 6.x doesn't define the si_code constants.
(edit) @13929   10 years gz hook into the pretty printer to implement pprint-recording-positions
(edit) @13928   10 years gz In test-compiler-warnings, explicitly pass in :break-on-program-errors
(edit) @13919   10 years rme In %INIT-MISC at label @8, the subtag of the destination vector is …
(edit) @13908   10 years rme Avoid calling #_CGWindowLevel when #+cocotron (just use hardwired …
(edit) @13907   10 years rme Fix typo (coctron => cocotron) in objc-method-definition-form (used by …
(edit) @13905   10 years palter Update to Cocotron ra816befd7eff
(edit) @13904   10 years palter Update to Cocotron ra816befd7eff
(edit) @13901   10 years gz try for a better stream-line-length for listener
(edit) @13896   10 years gb SIGTRAP isn't defined on Win32.
(edit) @13895   10 years gb Conditionalize for USE_GC_NOTIFICATATION (true on X86, not yet on PPC).
(edit) @13891   10 years gz Add DECOMP-ACODE, decompile acode into something more readable.
(edit) @13890   10 years rme Ugly additions to nx-logand-2-op to truncate a large integer operand …
(edit) @13888   10 years rme ASDF 2.003 from upstream.
(edit) @13887   10 years rme Make the compiler work a little harder to identify cases where LOGAND …
(edit) @13884   10 years gb Export GC notification stuff.
(edit) @13883   10 years gb No args to x8664 GET-GC-NOTIFICATION-THRESHOLD.
(edit) @13882   10 years gb When setting GC nofitication threshold, reset our notion of whether or …
(edit) @13881   10 years gb Do GC notification if dynamic heap shrinks in ensure_static_conses().
(edit) @13880   10 years gb Declare did_gc_notification_since_last_full_gc.
(edit) @13879   10 years gb It'd help if I checked this in ... Define *PRE-GC-NOTIFICATION-HOOK*. …
(edit) @13878   10 years gb %ACTIVE-RESTART: if we match a RESTART (not the name of one), don't …
(edit) @13874   10 years rme Update to ASDF 2.002
(edit) @13873   10 years gb Define and export OBJECT-DIRECT-SIZE, which is basically the SIZEOF …
(edit) @13872   10 years rme Updated lisp kernel for 32-bit Windows.
(edit) @13871   10 years gb Win64 kernel (for trunk.)
(edit) @13870   10 years gb x86-exceptions.c: Ensure that SIGTRAP is defined (it's not on Win64). …
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