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(edit) @14213   10 years gb Update comments, in case someone tries to read them someday.
(edit) @14212   10 years rme New script for relocating http scheme externals to svn scheme.
(edit) @14119   10 years gb Changes from ARM branch. Need testing …
(edit) @13814   10 years rme Delete .cvsignore files since we no longer use CVS.
(edit) @13416   11 years rme Don't bother with DD convenience variable, update some comments. Fixes …
(edit) @13098   11 years gb Move contributed ccl/ccl64 shell scripts to contrib/rittweiler. …
(edit) @13066   11 years rme Change "OpenMCL" to "Clozure CL" in comments and docstrings.
(edit) @12919   11 years rme Get rid of leading blank line. Fixes ticket:603.
(edit) @11954   11 years rme When trying to figure out a suitable CCL_DEFAULT_DIRECTORY, try the …
(edit) @11621   12 years rme Make ccl and ccl64 scripts look at $0, resolve symlinks if any, and …
(edit) @11404   12 years gb 64-bit FreeBSD binaries; update scripts/ccl for 32-bit FreeBSD
(edit) @11316   12 years rme Remove old scripts to avoid confusion. The openmcl/ccl scripts are …
(edit) @11261   12 years gb Solaris.
(edit) @11201   12 years gb windows, or at least Cygwin
(edit) @10838   12 years gb Handle 32-bit x86 linux.
(edit) @10504   12 years gb Add support for win64 (at least under Cygwin.)
(edit) @10164   12 years rme Update for Darwin/x8632.
(edit) @10072   12 years gb Handle Solaris (aka SunOS).
(edit) @9411   12 years jaj makedmg now deletes fasls and makes a compressed image
(edit) @9407   12 years jaj Add file makedmg to scripts. This is a simple utility to create a …
(copy) @8177   13 years gb move to trunk
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(edit) @8139   13 years gb split
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