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(edit) @8773   12 years gb too embarrassing to describe
(edit) @8701   12 years gb ProtectMemory?,UnprotectMemory?: second arg should be "natural", not "int".
(edit) @8616   12 years gb set HEAP_START, HEAP_END earlier
(edit) @8608   12 years andreas Windows support for ffcall and ffcall_return_registers: care about …
(edit) @8607   12 years andreas Don't clobber %save3 on Windows, it contains our TCR pointer.
(edit) @8602   12 years andreas Convert start_lisp to platform-independent registers.
(edit) @8590   12 years gb Bump image ABI version.
(edit) @8581   12 years gb x8664 kernel side of tcr-trap changes.
(edit) @8579   12 years gb tcr-level suspend/resume/interrupt: trap into the kernel, don't call …
(edit) @8575   12 years andreas Make C-callable X86-64 assembler functions platform independent by …
(edit) @8562   12 years andreas Access TCR through a macro, with different implementations for UNIXen …
(edit) @8561   12 years andreas * no pid_t on native Windows * not gettimeofday either * C calling …
(edit) @8553   12 years rme Use a better (shorter/clearer) instruction sequence for getting the …
(edit) @8551   12 years andreas Better debuggability.
(edit) @8547   12 years andreas Big #ifdef WINDOWS hack&slash: stub out every function that references …
(edit) @8543   12 years gb No SIG_RESUME_THREAD on PPC. Really. Didn't really need …
(edit) @8540   12 years gb Avoid using SIGEMT as asynch signal.
(edit) @8539   12 years gb Avoid using SIGEMT as asynch signal.
(edit) @8526   12 years rme misc_ref_common, misc_set_common: When referencing or altering bits in …
(edit) @8511   12 years andreas Makefile to build kernel with VC8 (from the Platform SDK for Server …
(edit) @8496   12 years gb Make WEAK_GC_METHOD persist.
(edit) @8493   12 years gb Purify/impurify stuff for PPC.
(edit) @8481   12 years andreas Code to get and set LDT entries on Win32. Unfortunately this approach …
(edit) @8476   12 years gb SPgvector: account for nargs being off by one.
(edit) @8475   12 years gb get impurify() working on x86-64.
(edit) @8474   12 years gb remove extra skip_over_ivector() prototype.
(edit) @8473   12 years gb forward_gcable_ptrs: don't write if no change.
(edit) @8472   12 years gb purify() copies all ivectors to pure space. (Note that functions …
(edit) @8471   12 years gb On a write to the (usually write-protected) pure area, just unprotect …
(edit) @8470   12 years gb "long" isn't always the same as "natural", so change …
(edit) @8469   12 years rme Use %temp1 (containing tcr.tlb_pointer) as the "base" when setting the …
(edit) @8460   12 years gb In QUIT-HANDLER, ensure that %gs addresses pthread data before trying …
(edit) @8420   12 years gb Don't just toggle beween weak GC methods; pick up user pref from global.
(edit) @8416   12 years gb Replace obsolete BAD_FPSCR_SAVE_HIGH with WEAK_GC_METHOD.
(edit) @8415   12 years gb SIGINT interrupt from (e.g.) GDB can produce EIO.
(edit) @8408   12 years gb Win64 changes; see if they break other platforms.
(edit) @8401   12 years gb weak hash stuff in ppc GC, too
(edit) @8400   12 years gb Change image-abi-version. FASL version will change soon.
(edit) @8399   12 years gb Move image start address up by 64K.
(edit) @8397   12 years gb Change low-memory ("nilreg area", subprims) base address on x8664 …
(edit) @8388   12 years gb No such luck.
(edit) @8387   12 years gb Some win64 conditionalization; hope it doesn't break anything.
(edit) @8370   12 years gb Fix conditinalization.
(edit) @8369   12 years gb Implement an alternate approach to weak-hash-table processing (the …
(edit) @8341   12 years gb %nargs is 32-bits wide now.
(edit) @8340   12 years gb %nargs is 32-bits wide now.
(edit) @8279   12 years gb Don't use () m4 macro inside GAS macro def.
(edit) @8259   12 years gb Tweak the darwinx86[64] source-line stuff (newline isn't whitespace in m4!)
(edit) @8258   12 years gb Revive emit_source_line_stabs; try to avoid using stabs only on …
(edit) @8257   12 years gb Use in m4 macroexpansions.
(edit) @8248   12 years gb Don't add non-weak hash-tables to GCweakvll (in more cases.)
(edit) @8246   12 years gb Fix non-darwin case of sample_paging_info() on this branch, too.
(edit) @8245   12 years gb Collect paging stats in GC.
(edit) @8244   12 years gb Don't add non-weak hash-table vectors to GCweakvll in the marker.
(edit) @8243   12 years gb Don't try to generate source line stabs; just use # line "file" 1 …
(edit) @8242   12 years gb set_nargs tries to avoid partial-register operations.
(edit) @8224   12 years gb Don't clear %temp2 (aka %ra0) twice, either.
(edit) @8206   12 years andreas Initialize %temp2 too.
(edit) @8202   12 years gb Mark lisp_global(STATIC_CONSES) on entry.
(copy) @8177   12 years gb move to trunk
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(edit) @8142   12 years gb Bump image version.
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