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(edit) @10428   12 years gb In syscall definition for fcntl, claim that the third (optional) arg …
(edit) @10427   12 years gb %CONS-FOREIGN-VARIABLE back to foreign-types.lisp (Solaris needs this …
(edit) @10426   12 years gb Merge a lot of the CLOS/type-system changes from working-0711 branch …
(edit) @10424   12 years gb Store the class-wrapper (not the class) in a BASIC-STREAM.
(edit) @10422   12 years gb Add FORIEGN-OBJECT-DOMAIN-CLASS-ORDINAL and …
(edit) @10321   12 years gb Remove training wheels, start bumping fasl version.
(edit) @10320   12 years gb %ISTRUCT macro uses REGISTER-ISTRUCT-CELL, which has been the point of …
(edit) @10301   12 years gb Check for CONSP at runtime (for bootstrapping) in ISTRUCT-CELL-NAME …
(edit) @10258   12 years rme poll syscall.
(edit) @10112   12 years rme New file.
(edit) @10111   12 years rme Change expansion of macro PACKAGE-DELETED-MARKER; delete some obsolete …
(edit) @10056   12 years gb Add things needed to compile ccl.
(edit) @10055   12 years gb Move %CONS-FOREIGN-VARIABLE to "foreign-types.lisp"; we actually need …
(edit) @10045   12 years gb C 'sizeof' can be used on parenthesized expressions as well as types. …
(edit) @10031   12 years gb New file; incomplete.
(edit) @9917   12 years gz Move more definitions into lispequ. To bootstrap, (load …
(edit) @9674   12 years gb *debug-shark-process-output* shouldn't be static
(edit) @9541   12 years mikel udpated sequence utils
(edit) @9540   12 years mikel added more infrastructure for svn self-update, including some sequence …
(edit) @9478   12 years mikel adding infrastructure for svn updates
(edit) @9342   12 years gb Fix rmdir syscall definition.
(edit) @9243   12 years gz Fix some more structure type decls, now that we check
(edit) @9203   12 years gb write it
(edit) @9197   12 years gb A placeholder, at this point.
(edit) @9193   12 years gb Update.
(edit) @9187   12 years gb Conditionalize for x86-64; need to see if I broke it on PPC. Add a …
(edit) @9168   12 years gb Getting closer to actually working, at least on ppc32/ppc64. With the …
(edit) @9162   12 years gb Work-in-progress; lots of timing screws.
(edit) @9066   12 years gb This was the wrong file.
(edit) @9065   12 years gb Also work-in-progress, but at least it's the right file.
(edit) @9054   12 years gb Very much a work in progress, and the idea may not get very far.
(edit) @8589   13 years gb Hadn't checked this in: define POLL syscall for LinuxPPC.
(edit) @8339   13 years gb Wasn't this checked in a few days ago ?
(edit) @8280   13 years gb Poll syscall.
(edit) @8275   13 years gb Need poll syscall.
(edit) @8270   13 years gb poll syscall.
(copy) @8177   13 years gb move to trunk
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(copy) @8123   13 years gb relocate
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