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(edit) @14373   10 years gb Braino in CONCAT-TO-STRING.
(edit) @14119   10 years gb Changes from ARM branch. Need testing …
(edit) @13067   11 years rme Update copyright notices.
(edit) @13066   11 years rme Change "OpenMCL" to "Clozure CL" in comments and docstrings.
(edit) @12210   11 years gz Merge r11821 into trunk
(edit) @12132   11 years gb Provide a CONCAT-TO-STRING (to handle (CONCATENATE 'STRING ...)), …
(edit) @11876   11 years gb Try to simplify COERCE-ing to certain recognizable subtypes of …
(edit) @11545   12 years gz Make delete-duplicates use a hash table if the total number of …
(edit) @10942   12 years gz Propagate r10938:r10941 (duplicate definition warnings) to trunk
(edit) @10121   12 years rme The story with double-float vectors is just like on ppc32. Use …
(edit) @9927   12 years gz Move make-string (r9438)
(edit) @9879   12 years gz Propagate r9620 to trunk from working-0711
(edit) @9786   12 years gb What on earth did DELETE-/REMOVE-DUPLICATES think they were doing with …
(edit) @8482   12 years gb Use %INIT-MISC for ivector fill.
(copy) @8177   12 years gb move to trunk
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(copy) @8123   12 years gb relocate
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