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(edit) @16685   5 years rme Update copyright/license headers in files.
(edit) @16668   5 years svspire Added some links to papers about float printing, especially …
(edit) @16648   5 years rme In format-find-command, try not to get tripped up by #\~ directives. …
(edit) @16639   5 years rme Replace scale-exponent with accurate-scaled-exponent, borrowed from …
(edit) @16338   6 years rme Pull out the code that prints a free-form floating-point number from …
(edit) @15421   8 years gb format-dollars ($ directive): print leading zeroes even if trailing …
(edit) @15401   8 years gb FORMAT-FIXED-AUX: if FLONUM-TO-STRING-WIDTH isn't positive and we …
(edit) @14935   9 years rme Complain if ~<...~:> doesn't get any arguments. Fixes ticket:3.
(edit) @13199   11 years gz Merge r13198
(edit) @13187   11 years gz warn about too many arguments in format strings
(edit) @13067   11 years rme Update copyright notices.
(edit) @13066   11 years rme Change "OpenMCL" to "Clozure CL" in comments and docstrings.
(edit) @12500   11 years gz Be aware of FTYPE declarations in more places
(edit) @12373   11 years rme Delete an obsolete ancient comment.
(edit) @12292   11 years gb Try to handle ~:C FORMAT directive more sanely, now that we claim to …
(edit) @11809   11 years gz Merge r11808
(edit) @11805   11 years gz Make the compiler scan format strings for possible errors. …
(edit) @11644   12 years gz Require two clauses in ~:[
(edit) @11158   12 years gz Small optimizations tweaks
(edit) @11137   12 years gz Propagate r8891 from working-0711
(edit) @11135   12 years gz Mostly semantically insignificant indentation/comments/etc changes, …
(edit) @10942   12 years gz Propagate r10938:r10941 (duplicate definition warnings) to trunk
(edit) @10431   12 years gb Add FORMAT-TO-STRING.
(edit) @9046   12 years gz Small fix for ~@:C
(copy) @8177   13 years gb move to trunk
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(edit) @8172   13 years gb Y-OR-N-P fixes from trunk.
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