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(edit) @14258   10 years gz Defstruct changes: Get rid of *defstruct-share-accessor-functions*. …
(edit) @14222   10 years gb Don't "naturally" align a record field if the field type's natural …
(edit) @14171   10 years gb Darwin/ARM changes.
(edit) @14119   10 years gb Changes from ARM branch. Need testing …
(edit) @13067   11 years rme Update copyright notices.
(edit) @13066   11 years rme Change "OpenMCL" to "Clozure CL" in comments and docstrings.
(edit) @12449   11 years gb Add #>SYSTEMTIME to Windows *canonical-os-foreign-types*.
(edit) @12402   11 years gb Make the #$ reader macro try to lookup foreign variables if it can't …
(edit) @11323   12 years gb FreeBSD x8632 changes.
(edit) @11259   12 years gb Changes (obvious ones ...) for x8632 Solaris.
(edit) @11195   12 years gb Provide a MAKE-LOAD-FORM method for MACPTRs, so that MACPTRs in the …
(edit) @11181   12 years gb On at least some platforms, an ffcall result type can be something …
(edit) @10973   12 years gb Win32 interface directory (in ftd initialization) needs a trailing …
(edit) @10901   12 years gb Win32 support.
(edit) @10866   12 years gb Use a canonical foreign type ordinal for (:struct :addrinfo).
(edit) @10827   12 years gb Don't define DLERROR on Windows, either.
(edit) @10759   12 years gb Conditionalize for :linuxx8632.
(edit) @10746   12 years gb Need interface-config canonical foreign types for Solaris.
(edit) @10713   12 years gb :timeval is used on Windows, not Unix-specific (so far ...).
(edit) @10708   12 years gb Dizzy yet ? Fix lots of typos/nonsense.
(edit) @10699   12 years gb Try to setup platform canonical types; use conditionalized …
(edit) @10693   12 years gb Need a directory separator on win64 interface dir name.
(edit) @10680   12 years gb Headers in #+win64 *host-ftd*.
(edit) @10671   12 years gb Handle :bits-per-long attribute in foreign-type-data initialization.
(edit) @10650   12 years gb Fix typeso.
(edit) @10649   12 years gb New scheme for canonical foreign ordinals. Hopefully less messy.
(edit) @10519   12 years gb Recognize "transparent unions" (unions with a specified attribute); we …
(edit) @10443   12 years rme PRINT-OBJECT method for EXTERNAL-ENTRY-POINT: x8632 conditionalization.
(edit) @10427   12 years gb %CONS-FOREIGN-VARIABLE back to foreign-types.lisp (Solaris needs this …
(edit) @10426   12 years gb Merge a lot of the CLOS/type-system changes from working-0711 branch …
(edit) @10292   12 years gb Don't make built-in istruct classes here.
(edit) @10122   12 years rme Specify interface database pathname for Darwin/x8632. Small kludge in …
(edit) @10108   12 years gb Foreign-type-ordinal stuff for Solaris %GET-IP-INTERFACES.
(edit) @10054   12 years gb Conditionalize for Solaris.
(edit) @9243   12 years gz Fix some more structure type decls, now that we check
(edit) @9240   12 years gz Propagate r9237 to trunk: Stop ignoring defstruct slot type …
(edit) @9212   12 years gb Use reentrant version of #_readdir. Need a new canonical foreign-type …
(edit) @8541   12 years gb CERROR if conflicting :struct/:union with the same tag.
(edit) @8268   12 years gb Canonical foreign type ordinal for (:array (:struct :pollfd) 1).
(copy) @8177   12 years gb move to trunk
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