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(edit) @13066   11 years rme Change "OpenMCL" to "Clozure CL" in comments and docstrings.
(edit) @13014   11 years rme Add an "emulate" restart for a write-to-watched-object condition. …
(edit) @13004   11 years rme Get watched object from lisp stack instead of callback parameter. Use …
(edit) @12888   11 years rme Support watching individual cons cells; add "unwatch and contiune" …
(edit) @12817   11 years rme The xcmain callback actually accepts an additional arg. Use it to …
(edit) @12792   11 years rme Update xcmain callback to signal a write-to-watched-object error when …
(edit) @11887   11 years gb in (X)CMAIN callback:SIGBUS with code = -1 -> INVALID-MEMORY-OPERATION.
(edit) @11342   12 years gb FreeBSD x8632 exception decoding.
(edit) @11310   12 years gb Due to confusion about width/signedness of 'code' argument to xcmain, …
(edit) @11292   12 years gb solarisx8662 exception decoding.
(edit) @11003   12 years gb win32 flags-register-offset, eip-register-offset: word indices, not …
(edit) @10991   12 years gb Win32 *encoded-gpr-to-indexed-gpr*: word offsets, not byte offsets.
(edit) @10942   12 years gz Propagate r10938:r10941 (duplicate definition warnings) to trunk
(edit) @10898   12 years gb Win32 XP hacking stuff.
(edit) @10788   12 years gb xp-hacking for linuxx8632.
(edit) @10682   12 years gb Fix #+/#- nesting in XP-FLAGS-REGISTER.
(edit) @10635   12 years gb Win64 signal-context parsing stuff.
(edit) @10488   12 years gb In %CHECK-ANCHORED-UUO, use target::fulltag-misc (not …
(edit) @10335   12 years rme Conditionalize %CHECK-ANCHORED-UUO for x8632.
(edit) @10139   12 years rme x8632 and Darwin/x8632 support.
(edit) @10053   12 years gb Conditionalize for Solaris.
(copy) @8177   12 years gb move to trunk
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(edit) @8130   12 years gb Merge changes from working-0711 branch
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