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(edit) @10067   12 years gb GET-USER-HOME-DIR: Solaris backward-compatibility lossage.
(edit) @10053   12 years gb Conditionalize for Solaris.
(edit) @9212   13 years gb Use reentrant version of #_readdir. Need a new canonical foreign-type …
(edit) @9007   13 years gb milliseconds/microseconds/nanoseconds: accept maximum signed natural …
(edit) @8990   13 years gb Use FF-CALL-IGNORING-INTR around #_waitpid call in CHECK-PID. (Not …
(edit) @8963   13 years gb Try to detect and report #_fork failure in RUN-PROGRAM.
(edit) @8932   13 years gz Fix for bugs #263 and #238: - %unix-file-kind takes a native …
(edit) @8587   13 years gb On ELF platforms, distinguish between link-map and handle returned by …
(edit) @8487   13 years gb MONITOR-EXTERNAL-PROCESS: wait up to 1 second (1000 milliseconds) for …
(edit) @8398   13 years gb Use (%null-ptr) vice +null-ptr+; easier to cross-compile.
(edit) @8351   13 years gb Linux :stat.st_mtim is a timespec (seconds, nanoseconds), not a timeval.
(edit) @8345   13 years gz Just use %get-errno, duh
(edit) @8343   13 years gz implement copy-file directly (rather than by run-program), add …
(edit) @8271   13 years gb No timeval in MONITOR-EXTERNAL-PROCESS.
(edit) @8267   13 years gb Milliseconds, %timeval<=.
(edit) @8241   13 years gb Move some macros to before the code that uses them.
(copy) @8177   13 years gb move to trunk
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(copy) @8123   13 years gb relocate
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