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(edit) @10877   11 years gb in C_SOCKET_1: get errno before calling #_CloseHandle if allocating an …
(edit) @10865   11 years gb Get more of this working on windows, and use more …
(edit) @10787   11 years gb _inet_ntoa: conditionalize for 32-bit x86 linux, too. (Maybe just …
(edit) @10698   11 years gb Closer to working on Windows.
(edit) @10685   11 years gb Lots of conditionalization for windows.
(edit) @10574   11 years gb More changes to ease Windows bootstrapping - error returns, socket fds …
(edit) @10544   11 years gb Try again to use ff-calls, not syscalls (now that the …
(edit) @10516   11 years gb revert to previous version, ffi issues on linux
(edit) @10515   11 years gb Replace syscall with int-errno call. See what breaks …
(edit) @10288   11 years gb Fix linuxppc conditionalization in C_SETSOCKOPT.
(edit) @10136   11 years rme Conditionalize VERIFY-SOCKET-BUFFER for x8632.
(edit) @10109   11 years gb %GET-IP-INTERFACES for Solaris; very different from other versions.
(edit) @10074   11 years rme Get rid of extra paren in %get-ip-interfaces and re-indent.
(edit) @10052   11 years gb Conditionalize for Solaris.
(edit) @8941   12 years gb Enforce "deadline" on active connect; ensure that any timeouts in …
(edit) @8760   12 years gb LOCAL-FILENAME: nice to see a warning about the missing arg here.
(edit) @8604   12 years gb Stream I/O deadline changes, based on patch from Hans Hubner.
(edit) @8603   12 years gb Stream I/O deadline changes, based on patch from Hans Hubner.
(edit) @8485   12 years gb Lose the :SEND-TIMEOUT/:RECEIVE-TIMEOUT args; handling of timeous on …
(edit) @8385   12 years gb :connect-timeout stuff.
(edit) @8274   12 years gb Fix typos.
(edit) @8265   12 years gb More socket-timeout stuff, still not complete/tested.
(edit) @8240   12 years gb PRIMARY-IP-INTERFACE-ADDRESS looks for an interface that has an …
(copy) @8177   12 years gb move to trunk
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(copy) @8123   12 years gb relocate
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