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(edit) @13744   9 years gz In %break-message, *current-process* might be nil
(edit) @13675   9 years gz Rename feature ccl-0711 to ccl-qres
(edit) @13368   10 years gb Define LINE-LENGTH in terms of STREAM-LINE-LENGTH, which may actually …
(edit) @13345   10 years gz show type of error on error exit in batch mode
(edit) @13183   10 years gz Try harder to minimize performance impact if …
(edit) @13182   10 years gz Add *save-interactive-source-locations* to control source recording in …
(edit) @13124   10 years gz Recording source text in read-loop (useful for disassembly). It's now …
(edit) @13067   10 years rme Update copyright notices.
(edit) @13066   10 years rme Change "OpenMCL" to "Clozure CL" in comments and docstrings.
(edit) @12663   10 years gz Make eval-selection (cmd-E, Enter) in the IDE do source location recording
(edit) @12463   10 years gz Some changes in support of Slime: Implement …
(edit) @12403   10 years gz bug #555: In check-toplevel-command, forgot to check for symbol macros
(edit) @12209   10 years gz Merge r11804 and r12081 into trunk
(edit) @12119   10 years gb Use an APPLICATION-UI-OPERATION to conditionally refer to different …
(edit) @12090   10 years gz Add ccl:*break-hook*; Also make c signal a specific condition class, …
(edit) @11963   10 years rme Enable integer command shortcuts in break loops, from Leslie Polzer.
(edit) @11767   11 years gz Propagate r11751 to trunk
(edit) @11594   11 years gb Define *CONSECUTIVE-EOF-LIMIT* (2) - if a particular READ-LOOP …
(edit) @11373   11 years gz Finish source location and pc -> source mapping support, from …
(edit) @11124   11 years gz Indentation tweaks
(edit) @10426   11 years gb Merge a lot of the CLOS/type-system changes from working-0711 branch …
(edit) @8791   12 years gz Propagate changeset:8682 to trunk
(edit) @8758   12 years gb Default listener prompt string has a space betweent the break level …
(edit) @8342   12 years gz add stream-eof-transient-p
(edit) @8286   12 years gb changes from working-0711 branch
(edit) @8205   12 years gb ABNORMAL-APPLICATION-EXIT lost in merge.
(copy) @8177   12 years gb move to trunk
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(edit) @8168   12 years gb gz's changes to READ-LOOP (from trunk.)
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