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(edit) @12481   10 years gb No such CL type as (SIMPLE-ARRAY CHAR (* * *)).
(edit) @12463   10 years gz Some changes in support of Slime: Implement …
(edit) @12221   10 years gz Merge r12186: check io vars for bogosity on entry to debugger and C
(edit) @12220   10 years gz From r12114: remember merged source notes, for slime's benefit.
(edit) @12219   10 years gz Rename nx-the-typechecks to nx-declarations-typecheck, and typecheck …
(edit) @12045   10 years gz Extend the mechanism used to warn about undefined and duplicate …
(edit) @11932   11 years rme Merge r11811 (don't show duplicates in use-homonym restarts).
(edit) @11886   11 years gb INVALID-MEMORY-OPERATION, for generic memory faults.
(edit) @11869   11 years gb Add type-error constants for (not-necessarily-SIMPLE-) vector types. …
(edit) @11855   11 years rme Merge r11810 (fixes to various format/warn/etc. calls).
(edit) @11729   11 years gz From r11701 - record source note in compiler warnings.
(edit) @11673   11 years gb Finally apply the contributed patch to ticket:321 in the trunk.
(edit) @11664   11 years gb Define INVALID-TYPE-SPECIFIER as a subtype of PROGRAM-ERROR. (Note …
(edit) @11491   11 years gb Make $XNOTELT signal a TYPE-ERROR, mostly so that COERCE does so in …
(edit) @10430   11 years gb Restore %CHECK-TYPE.
(edit) @10426   11 years gb Merge a lot of the CLOS/type-system changes from working-0711 branch …
(edit) @10356   11 years gb From working-0711 branch: Stop supporting old (CLtL2) DEFINE-CONDITION …
(edit) @10137   11 years rme FORMAT cuteness with plurals when reporting bad number of args errors.
(edit) @8988   12 years gb Define %CHECK-TYPE, which just sets up the STORE-VALUE restart for …
(edit) @8855   12 years gz More detailed error messages for class forward references, make-condition
(edit) @8815   12 years gz Propagate use-homonym extension (r8777 and r8814) from working-0711 branch
(edit) @8603   12 years gb Stream I/O deadline changes, based on patch from Hans Hubner.
(edit) @8484   12 years gb Define IO-TIMEOUT, READ-TIMEOUT, WRITE-TIMEOUT.
(copy) @8177   12 years gb move to trunk
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(edit) @8130   12 years gb Merge changes from working-0711 branch
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