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(edit) @10309   12 years gb Don't assume that (uvref istruct 0) is a symbol; try to use accessors …
(edit) @10299   12 years gb Use SET-ISTRUCT-CELL-INFO (not (SETF ISTRUCT-CELL-INFO)) in …
(edit) @10293   12 years gb Use MAKE-ISTRUCT class to create istruct-based classes.
(edit) @10127   12 years rme x8632 additions.
(edit) @10026   12 years gb Add a CHANGE-CLASS method on specializers (FUNCALLABLE-STANDARD-OBJECT …
(edit) @9917   12 years gz Move more definitions into lispequ. To bootstrap, (load …
(edit) @9879   12 years gz Propagate r9620 to trunk from working-0711
(edit) @9844   12 years gz Made loading a file not forget encapsulations. (The old behavior can …
(edit) @9837   12 years gb Propagate r9830 to trunk.
(edit) @9345   12 years gz In class-keyvect, allow for undefined metaclasses (bug #289)
(edit) @9134   12 years gz Propagate r9131 to trunk
(edit) @9049   12 years gz make defclass check for illegal class options (ticket #271)
(edit) @8863   13 years gb ENCODE-LAMBDA-LIST: don't bother creating empty keyword vector.
(edit) @8667   13 years greg Added restarts for various commonly-interactive cases as described …
(edit) @8533   13 years gb "early" SET-FIND-CLASS: don't call %CLASS-NAME on NIL. "late" …
(copy) @8177   13 years gb move to trunk
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