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(edit) @13563   10 years gb Bind newly per-process I/O variables to their static/default values, …
(edit) @13562   10 years gb Make variables bound by WITH-STANDARD-IO-SYNTAX thread-local.
(edit) @13501   10 years gz Fix build, revert r13495
(edit) @13495   10 years gb Don't try to compile or load "dominance" yet; it tries to :INCLUDE a …
(edit) @13494   10 years gz new file, dominance analysis of core files
(edit) @13398   10 years rme Load x86-watch when bootstrapping.
(edit) @13085   10 years gz core file utilities (merged from r13068, r13071, r13084)
(edit) @13067   10 years rme Update copyright notices.
(edit) @13066   10 years rme Change "OpenMCL" to "Clozure CL" in comments and docstrings.
(edit) @12497   10 years gb Try to distinguish between initial/standard readtables better. …
(edit) @12385   10 years gb Build JP-ENCODE into image, after all.
(edit) @12300   10 years gz Code coverage support
(edit) @12166   10 years gb Set *batch-flag* based on kernel global value early in startup process …
(edit) @11980   10 years gb More stream line-termination stuff.
(edit) @11979   10 years gb Don't use DEFLOADVAR to reinitialize *HEAP-IVECTORS*; done early in …
(edit) @11817   11 years gb In INIT-INTERACTIVE-STREAMS, use MSDOS line-termination conventions on …
(edit) @11483   11 years gb Need to load FFI-FREEBSDX8632 on FreeBSD X8632.
(edit) @11373   11 years gz Finish source location and pc -> source mapping support, from …
(edit) @11368   11 years gb Load nx2.
(edit) @11253   11 years gb load FFI support for solaris-x8632.
(edit) @11165   11 years gz Propagate r10403 from working-0711 branch to trunk: add some functions …
(edit) @11123   11 years gz Move source-files earlier in loading sequence
(edit) @11081   11 years gb Stop wrapping (pseudo) file-descriptors around Windows file handlers; …
(edit) @10894   11 years gb Load ffi-win32 if #+win32-target.
(edit) @10874   11 years gb In INITIALIZE-INTERACTIVE-STREAMS: don't muck with /dev/tty on Windows.
(edit) @10762   11 years gb Add ffi-linuxx8632 for :linuxx8632.
(edit) @10628   11 years gb Load FFI-WIN64 on win64.
(edit) @10280   11 years rme In SET-TERMINAL-ENCODING, also set the external format for *STDERR*.
(edit) @10274   11 years gb *INTERACTIVE-STREAMS-INITIALIZED*: just a global, reset and set …
(edit) @10201   11 years rme Always get both x8632- and x8664-arch. (This may not be totally the …
(edit) @10134   11 years rme x8632 and Darwin/x8632 stuff.
(edit) @10051   11 years gb Conditionalize for Solaris.
(copy) @8177   12 years gb move to trunk
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(copy) @8123   12 years gb relocate
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