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(edit) @9060   12 years gb CTYPE-SUBTYPE: try harder in some cases.
(edit) @8987   12 years gb Propagate (small) improvement to REALP from working-0711 to trunk.
(edit) @8916   12 years gb Back out of division-by-zero check in integer-/-integer, since Greg's …
(edit) @8915   12 years gb Check for / by 0. Didn't this get fixed already ?
(edit) @8818   12 years greg Fixed bug #257 (division of bignum by zero not noticed)
(edit) @8587   12 years gb On ELF platforms, distinguish between link-map and handle returned by …
(edit) @8582   12 years gb x8664 LAP side of tcr-trap changes.
(edit) @8579   12 years gb tcr-level suspend/resume/interrupt: trap into the kernel, don't call …
(edit) @8529   12 years gb A couple of fixes in MULTIPLY-BIGNUM-AND-FIXNUM (including punting …
(edit) @8483   12 years gb %INIT-MISC of bitvector: set value even if 0.
(edit) @8405   12 years gb Slightly better bignum * fixnum multiply.
(edit) @8404   12 years gb Use imm2 in %floor.
(edit) @8356   12 years gb Change some LAP code to recogize that %nargs is 32 bits wide now.
(edit) @8264   12 years gb Use IGNORING-EINTR in FD-READ, FD-WRITE.
(edit) @8250   12 years gb Word-size conditionalization in FREEZE.
(edit) @8249   12 years gb Needed a FREEZE for ppc.
(edit) @8247   12 years gb Fix typos in PPC %ATOMIC-POP-STATIC-CONS.
(edit) @8230   12 years andreas PPC support for atomic pop from the list of static conses. Completely …
(edit) @8229   12 years andreas Lock-free STATIC-CONS for x86.
(edit) @8197   12 years gb spell "imm1" with 2 ms.
(edit) @8196   12 years gb rme's fix to %get-errno (from trunk).
(copy) @8177   12 years gb move to trunk
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(edit) @8164   12 years gb OS feature changes from trunk.
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