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(edit) @15095   9 years gb lib/nfcomp.lisp, level-0/nfasload.lisp: try to make the new scheme …
(edit) @15093   9 years gb New Linux ARM binaries. The image and FASL versions changed on the …
(edit) @14622   9 years rme Remove some left-over debugging stuff.
(edit) @14619   9 years rme Merge shrink-tcr branch. This enables the 32-bit Windows lisp to run …
(edit) @14046   10 years gz merge r13685: when reporting code coverage, check for changed source …
(edit) @13279   11 years gb Lots of changes from "purify" branch, mostly involving: - new memory …
(edit) @13067   11 years rme Update copyright notices.
(edit) @13066   11 years rme Change "OpenMCL" to "Clozure CL" in comments and docstrings.
(edit) @12300   11 years gz Code coverage support
(edit) @11373   12 years gz Finish source location and pc -> source mapping support, from …
(edit) @10811   12 years gz Propagate r10799 to trunk
(edit) @10483   12 years gb REGISTER-PACKAGE-REF: use a lock if gethash fails. Ensure that the …
(edit) @10416   12 years gb Process *EARLY-CLASS-CELLS*, set by xloader.
(edit) @10362   12 years gb Use FUNCTION-VECTOR-TO-FUNCTION, which may be a no-op.
(edit) @10340   12 years gb Runtime support for package-ref stuff.
(edit) @10282   12 years gb Early changes to support "istruct cells", which can speed up …
(edit) @10154   12 years rme When processing fasl operator $fasl-clfun on x8632-target, call …
(edit) @9882   12 years gb Fix bad declarations in PPC-specific code.
(edit) @9879   12 years gz Propagate r9620 to trunk from working-0711
(copy) @8177   12 years gb move to trunk
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(copy) @8123   12 years gb relocate
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