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(edit) @13474   10 years rme Make this example work again. #_IsProcessVisible seems to be …
(edit) @13237   11 years gz Fix error message in defmethod
(edit) @13211   11 years rme Use #&NSNibOwner, not #@"NSNibOwner". (From Paul Krueger.)
(edit) @13063   11 years rme Move finger example to contrib.
(edit) @13062   11 years rme Delete this. See instead.
(edit) @13061   11 years rme Qualify access to *debug-cocoa-calls*. In DEFINE-TOOLTIP-ACCESSOR, …
(edit) @12901   11 years gz Add defvar for *modifier-key-pattern*
(edit) @12845   11 years gb Try to update this a bit (gtk+-1/gtk+-2), but it needs more work. …
(edit) @12844   11 years gb Remove old (gtk1.x) example.
(edit) @12721   11 years cater Extensive reorganisation, with unified handling of modifiers with keys …
(edit) @12720   11 years cater Towards unified handling of control &c modifiers with keys and with mouse
(edit) @12719   11 years cater No export of *cocoa-event* or dcc macro
(edit) @12718   11 years cater Use threadsafe gui package functions for easygui choose-file-dialog &c
(edit) @12674   11 years gb rubix.lisp: suppress a compiler warning loader.lisp: commented-out …
(edit) @12566   11 years palter Need to display the window on the main thread to keep Cocotron happy
(edit) @12561   11 years palter Can't pass Lisp strings to ObjC methods
(edit) @12405   11 years gb Don't depend on #$NIL returning NIL.
(edit) @12153   11 years gb Wrap an (EVAL-WHEN (:COMPILE-TOPLEVEL) around the OPTIMIZE declamation.
(edit) @12031   11 years gb Video capture example, from openmcl-devel, 05/08.
(edit) @11990   11 years gb Try to run the GLUT event loop on the main thread, just in case some …
(edit) @11978   11 years rme Correct misspelling.
(edit) @11975   11 years rme Update nib-loading example by getting rid of @class and correcting …
(edit) @11970   11 years gb Try to increase the likelyhood that people will think before invoking …
(edit) @11969   11 years gb Still doesn't do anything; just (REQUIRE "COCOA") to set up environment.
(edit) @11968   11 years gb Try to ensure that window/view creation and initialization happens on …
(edit) @11899   11 years rme Port r11841-r11847 (easygui enhancements) back to trunk.
(edit) @11801   11 years gz Propagate r11796-r11800 to trunk (easygui fixes and extensions)
(edit) @11573   12 years gb Um, didn't this get checked in already ?
(edit) @11571   12 years gb Fix the #/convert method.
(edit) @11557   12 years gb Provide a plausible Win32 default for *JNI-LIB-PATH*.
(edit) @11454   12 years gb Do the foreign-object-domain initialization more sanely. JNI wrapper …
(edit) @11453   12 years gb Don't use the CCL package. Remove a stray ~.
(edit) @11447   12 years gb java foreign-object-domain stuff. Some fixes/changes.
(edit) @11446   12 years gb Remove some LW-isms. (STRING-APPEND probably doesn't belong in the …
(edit) @11445   12 years gb Back up original. (N.B: there's a newer version of the jfli package …
(edit) @11442   12 years gb Some down, some to go …
(edit) @11441   12 years gb see examples/jfli
(edit) @11439   12 years gb Preserve original (LW version.)
(edit) @11436   12 years gb svn didn't fix line termination. M-% did.
(edit) @11435   12 years gb Rich Hickey's 'jfli' (Lisp<->Java) bridge, as of The …
(edit) @11434   12 years gb better place, for now
(edit) @11431   12 years gb Fix comment.
(edit) @11381   12 years gb Use 'jni-init' import to call JNI functions that clobber Mach …
(edit) @11306   12 years gb Don't try to ignore lambda-list keywords. (Still not right, but less …
(edit) @11235   12 years gb Finally solve the Big Mystery of why this doesn't work when running …
(edit) @11232   12 years gb Disable #+debug (at least when checked in ...). Don't ignore …
(edit) @11220   12 years gb new file; needs some work ..
(edit) @10252   12 years gb Propagate r10236 to trunk.
(edit) @9793   12 years gz From Arthur Carter: fix *view-class-to-ns-class-map* to more specific first
(edit) @9661   12 years mikel commented out reference to tick-mark-values in easygui/views.lisp, to …
(edit) @9252   12 years gb rect not ignored.
(edit) @9210   12 years gb no step, never mind gtk1.x
(edit) @9195   12 years gb Remove.
(edit) @9194   12 years gb Move to cocoa directory.
(edit) @9140   12 years gb ccl -> gui package prefix.
(edit) @9139   12 years gb Need explicit return value in FF-CALL.
(edit) @8559   12 years mikel edits to button section of UI HOWTO
(edit) @8542   12 years gb ignore fasls
(edit) @8523   12 years mikel added code to add a button to the sample window
(edit) @8517   12 years mikel added ui-elements HOWTO
(edit) @8503   12 years mikel created nib-loading fnction
(edit) @8500   12 years mikel added more on the nib-loading function
(edit) @8499   12 years mikel added sections on nib-loading function, and nib unloading
(edit) @8495   12 years jaj Move old inspector to examples
(edit) @8480   12 years mikel added sections on making a general nib-loading function and nib unloading
(edit) @8479   12 years mikel edits to the nob-loading HOWTO
(edit) @8450   13 years mikel added nib-loading example
(edit) @8443   13 years mikel removed superfluous xib file
(edit) @8442   13 years mikel added interfce databases HOWTO
(edit) @8441   13 years mikel final edits to currency-converter examples
(copy) @8177   13 years gb move to trunk
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