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(edit) @13573   10 years gz Tweaks to eliminate warnings from my XMLMind editor
(edit) @13554   10 years rme Some minor updates, primarily changingv version numbers from 1.3 to …
(edit) @13291   10 years rme new files
(edit) @13172   10 years rme Document FASL-CONCATENATE. (Description lifted from …
(edit) @13118   10 years rme Mention :external-format argument to RUN-PROGRAM.
(edit) @13106   10 years rme Document code coverage in manual.
(edit) @13104   10 years rme Document WATCH and friends in the manual.
(edit) @13058   10 years rme Assume xsltproc is in the user's path.
(edit) @13057   10 years rme Note need for C compiler toolchain in order to rebuild the lisp.
(edit) @13056   10 years rme Update a little (no more CVS...). Also mention that Snow Leopard …
(edit) @12933   10 years rme Correct descrption of %null-ptr macro. Fixes ticket:606
(edit) @12927   10 years gz Emphasize that threshold sizes are cumulative, in description of …
(edit) @12918   10 years rme Document actual fixnum ranges (rather than using XXX and YYY).
(edit) @12728   10 years rme Note that the Windows port needs Windows XP or later.
(edit) @12432   10 years rme Document PATHNAME-ENCODING-NAME. (ticket:358)
(edit) @12421   10 years rme Update manual with IANA names for :euc-jp and :windows-31j.
(edit) @12419   10 years rme Add the new :CP932 and :EUCJP encodings to the list of encodings in …
(edit) @12404   10 years rme Fix typos.
(edit) @12398   10 years rme Spell utf-32le with a hyphen.
(edit) @12396   10 years gb make-fu, maybe
(edit) @12368   10 years rme Export and document string-size-in-octets, encode-string-to-octets, …
(edit) @12330   10 years rme Minor updates, mainly an attempt to provide id attributes for most (if …
(edit) @12265   10 years rme Add an entry for MAKE-HEAP-IVECTOR.
(edit) @12096   10 years gz ugh, try to use standard dictionary format
(edit) @12094   10 years gz Public interface to populations (r12092 plus doc changes)
(edit) @12001   10 years rme Update RUN-PROGRAM documentation to note that it accepts the :SHARING …
(edit) @11995   10 years gb Update the "Platform-specific filenames" table to reflect newer ports.
(edit) @11994   10 years gb In the description of REBUILD-CCL, clarify that the kernel build step …
(edit) @11976   10 years gb In the example showing how to build .cdb files, clarify that …
(edit) @11966   10 years gb Typo.
(edit) @11965   10 years gb Update interface-translator section.
(edit) @11950   11 years rme Updates for 1.3.
(edit) @11902   11 years rme Add the h in stdio.h
(edit) @11802   11 years rme Minor editing and updates to tutorial about allocating foreign data.
(edit) @11688   11 years gb Don't claim that a process can suspend itself.
(edit) @11567   11 years rme Update instructions for checking out a bleeding-edge Clozure CL. …
(edit) @11547   11 years rme Document GET-FPU-MODE and SET-FPU-MODE (ticket:386).
(edit) @11461   11 years gb What's CBUD ?
(edit) @11407   11 years gb fix typo
(edit) @11352   11 years gz Fix process-reset doc
(edit) @11044   11 years rme Use pub/release/1.2 as the ftp directory instead of pub/testing.
(edit) @11007   11 years rme Remove stray #\>
(edit) @10914   11 years rme On Unix systems, if "ccl-init" is not present, try to load …
(edit) @10802   11 years rme Run doc-splitter lisp program as part of install target.
(edit) @10801   11 years rme Set CCL variable.
(edit) @10800   11 years rme Changes to get the document to validate.
(edit) @10785   11 years rme Add a few words about x8632 register usage and tagging.
(edit) @10552   11 years gb fix makefile-common, generate html
(edit) @10502   11 years gb Makefile.fedora, Makefile.macports: set a few parameters, then include …
(edit) @10501   11 years gb Remove stray #\< character around line 1743.
(edit) @10218   11 years gb Fix typo in URL for 1.2.
(edit) @10163   11 years gb Add a section for JOIN-PROCESS (ticket:316) Not really a documentation …
(edit) @10162   11 years gb Hopefully, say that $(HTMLFILES) (which is just …
(edit) @9898   11 years mikel added explanation of ide-self-update to the IDE chapter
(edit) @9571   11 years gz oops
(edit) @9570   11 years gz Use &CCL; more consistently
(edit) @9569   11 years gz Add Profiling section, with oprofile and CHUD docs. Move q-and-a to …
(edit) @9490   11 years root Removed commit conflicts, committing
(edit) @9388   11 years mikel added a section on batching build-application from the command line
(edit) @9387   11 years mikel numerous minor mechanical and style edits in build, install, and about
(edit) @9348   11 years mikel added support and documentation for user-defined Info.plist objects
(edit) @9347   11 years mikel updated and expanded build-application docs
(edit) @9207   11 years gb don't install to ../HTML
(edit) @9206   11 years gb fix XMLFILES definition
(edit) @9205   11 years gb include svn rev, fix (?) complaints about minute-in-hour usage, ignore …
(edit) @9199   11 years mikel mecanical and style edits in using, build, and ide
(edit) @9176   12 years mikel additional mechaincal and style edits in implementation and modifying
(edit) @9115   12 years jaj Cleanup installation documentation. Reduce the number of references …
(edit) @9071   12 years mikel mechanical and style edits in install and build chapters
(edit) @9026   12 years mikel added about.xml. many style edits and link repairs in build.xml and …
(edit) @8993   12 years jaj Update documentation in many places. Add templates directory and …
(edit) @8981   12 years mikel additions to ObjC and ffi docs; many mechanical edits; some …
(edit) @8976   12 years gb update, fix up a bit
(edit) @8908   12 years mikel added discussion of objc:defmethod and made some edits of existing …
(edit) @8903   12 years mikel added discussion of support for foreign types as classes
(edit) @8896   12 years mikel working on objective-c bridge docs
(edit) @8895   12 years mikel working on objective-c bridge docs
(edit) @8894   12 years mikel tidied up lots of minor conflicts; added to save-application documentation
(edit) @8822   12 years gz Use &CCL; consistently
(edit) @8820   12 years jaj This commit includes support for docbook 4.5, stylesheet changes, and …
(edit) @8797   12 years gz Stop apologizing for the IDE. Add index entry for build-application
(edit) @8795   12 years gz Add :inside option to trace
(edit) @8776   12 years gz document a few more trace variables, add indexterm entries for all …
(edit) @8775   12 years gz Propagate TRACE extensions from r8742 to trunk. Add doc as well.
(edit) @8751   12 years gz <code> doesn't seem to be valid, so use <varname>.
(edit) @8704   12 years mikel added discussion of gcable records
(edit) @8703   12 years mikel added discussion of type annotations; minor edits
(edit) @8702   12 years mikel added discussion of memory-mapped files
(edit) @8695   12 years mikel added more discussion of the IDE and its UI, and of BUILD-APPLICATION
(edit) @8694   12 years mikel added more discussion of the IDE and its UI
(edit) @8693   12 years mikel added glossary. added more discussion of the IDE
(edit) @8673   12 years mikel added documentation of stack sizes, with-encoded-cstrs. added a …
(edit) @8669   12 years gz document TRACE
(edit) @8664   12 years mikel added 'Using' chapter
(edit) @8663   12 years mikel added and extended discussion of 1.2 reader macros to ff.xml
(edit) @8659   12 years jaj Get rid of invalid entity references in attribute values.
(edit) @8606   12 years gb Rename chapter-level files to not include chapter numbers (so that …
(edit) @8580   12 years gb nextcatalog: macports, not fink.
(edit) @8574   12 years rme Yet more makefile fiddling. Makefile.macports is for Mac OS X users. …
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