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(edit) @3567   14 years gb Conditionalization changes.
(edit) @3437   14 years gb Start to conditionalize for #+x8664-target.
(edit) @2666   15 years gb Remove SVAR type/class. Use BINDING-INDEX-SYMBOL instead of INDEX-SVAR.
(edit) @1996   15 years gb New NUMBERP/REALP for PPC64 (depends on new complex/ratio typecodes.) …
(edit) @1937   15 years gb Add (IN-PACKAGE "CCL").
(edit) @1757   15 years gb Fix NUMBERP typo.
(edit) @1627   15 years gb %TYPE-OF for PPC64.
(edit) @1596   15 years gb Lots of word-size/tagging conditionalization.
(edit) @1558   15 years gb Lots of #+ppc64 bug fixes and conditionalization.
(edit) @1418   15 years gb A few target-package changes, comments, indentation.
(edit) @1326   15 years gb some more #+ppc64-target conditionalization; still more to be done …
(edit) @964   15 years gb Add UVECTORP & IVECTORP; make them type predicates.
(edit) @929   15 years bryan add docstrings to the majority of common-lisp-user symbols starting …
(edit) @309   17 years gb DISPLACED-ARRAY-P didn't handle transitive displacement.
(edit) @163   17 years gb Half-hearted change to %TYPEP, to handle foreign-typed macptrs.
(edit) @114   17 years gb COMPLEX-ARRAY, DISPLACED-ARRAY aren't type specifiers.
(edit) @78   17 years gb rename arch:: ppc:: refs to ppc32::, for now
(edit) @19   17 years gb SVAR type support.
(add) @6   17 years gb Initial revision
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