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(edit) @14713   8 years rme Merge r14703 from trunk. See ticket:840.
(edit) @14712   8 years rme Merge r14662 from trunk. Closes ticket:843.
(edit) @14693   8 years rme Merge r14962 from trunk.
(edit) @14691   8 years gz Merge r14690 from trunk
(edit) @14684   8 years gb Propagate r14525 to 1.6 branch.
(edit) @14562   8 years rme Merge r14559 (LDB compiler macro enhancement) from trunk.
(edit) @14561   8 years rme Merge r14550 (%maybe-std-slot-value-using-class performance fix) from …
(edit) @14547   8 years wws Merge r14541 from trunk (limit reader-signal/writer-signal values for …
(edit) @14538   8 years wws Merge 14519 from trunk
(edit) @14499   9 years rme From trunk: GC integrity check more places; fix to progvsave. (ARM only)
(edit) @14493   9 years gz Merge code coverage fixes (r14476, r14477) into 1.6
(edit) @14488   9 years rme New linuxarm lisp kernel (for r14472, just in case).
(edit) @14487   9 years rme Merge in some changes relevant to operating in batch mode. * show …
(edit) @14486   9 years rme Merge r14482 from trunk: x86 spjump table doesn't need to be …
(edit) @14485   9 years rme Merge ARM FFI fixes from trunk.
(edit) @14469   9 years rme Release binaries for Clozure CL 1.6 (built from r14468).
(edit) @14468   9 years rme Merge r14459 through r14465 from trunk. ftype declarations for (setf …
(edit) @14467   9 years rme Merge r14464 from trunk (fix to purify() on x86).
(edit) @14458   9 years rme Merge fix to x8664 cons vinsn (r14457) from trunk.
(edit) @14456   9 years rme Remove RC1 from version string.
(edit) @14455   9 years rme Updated darwinppc binaries (for the double-float-nan issue).
(edit) @14454   9 years rme Merge r14451 from trunk (double-float-nan initialization).
(edit) @14453   9 years rme Merge several changes from trunk. * r14435, treatment of long float, …
(edit) @14443   9 years rme Updated solarisx86 interfaces from trunk.
(edit) @14442   9 years rme Updated solarisx64 interfaces from trunk.
(edit) @14433   9 years rme Merge r14425 through r14432 from trunk. Addresses: * foreign FPE …
(edit) @14424   9 years rme Merge r14422 (gc bug fix) and r14423 (ppc backtrace fix) from trunk.
(edit) @14405   9 years rme Merge recent minor fixes from trunk.
(edit) @14396   9 years rme Clozure CL 1.6 RC1 (release candidate) binaries.
(edit) @14393   9 years rme Merge makefile changes involving SVN_REVISION from trunk.
(edit) @14390   9 years rme Don't need these directories here.
(edit) @14389   9 years rme Change externals to point into this branch instead of the trunk.
(edit) @14388   9 years rme Add RC1 to version string.
(edit) @14387   9 years rme Merge trunk changes.
(edit) @14383   9 years rme Merge trunk changes through r14382.
(edit) @14381   9 years rme Merge trunk changes r14361 through r14380.
(copy) @14361   9 years rme Create release branch for 1.6.
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(edit) @14359   9 years rme Export DELETE-DIRECTORY.
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