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(edit) @7697   14 years gb Bump fasl version.
(edit) @7696   14 years gb Standard binding-indices for lock-accounting stuff.
(edit) @7695   14 years gb New hash-table iteration interface.
(edit) @7694   14 years gb New hash-table iteration interface; new locking stuff.
(edit) @7693   14 years gb New hash-table iteration interface.
(edit) @7692   14 years gb New locking stuff; PROCESS-LOCKS-HELD, PROCESS-LOCKS-PENDING.
(edit) @7691   14 years gb SET-CCL-DIRECTORY.
(edit) @7690   14 years gb Standard initial bindings for CCL::*LOCKS-HELD*, *LOCKS-PENDING*, …
(edit) @7689   14 years gb New locking interface; track lock usage, maintain whostate.
(edit) @7688   14 years gb New locking/lock-tracking stuff; new MAPHASH interface.
(edit) @7687   14 years gb MAKE-LIST moved here. WHOSTATE fields in LOCKs.
(edit) @7686   14 years gb Add whostate fields to LOCK.
(edit) @7685   14 years rme Merge trunk changes r7666:7684
(edit) @7681   14 years gb DEFER-GC.
(edit) @7680   14 years gb back out of r7673
(edit) @7679   14 years gb Use WITH-LOCK-CONTEXT. Define ENUMERATE-HASH-KEYS.
(edit) @7678   14 years gb WITH-LOCK-CONTEXT.
(edit) @7677   14 years gb More static/fixed binding indices.
(edit) @7676   14 years gb MAKE-LIST moved here.
(edit) @7675   14 years gb Start to add stuff for lock-tracking.
(edit) @7674   14 years gb Add standard initial bindings for lock-tracking. Move MAKE-LIST to level-0.
(edit) @7673   14 years gb Try not to lose it when marking partly-initialized function-vectors.
(edit) @7672   14 years gb Obvious name change …
(edit) @7671   14 years gb Use gc-common.o
(edit) @7670   14 years gb Avoid #_bcopy.
(edit) @7669   14 years gb ignore .app skeletons
(edit) @7668   14 years gb openSUSE 10.3 (at least) shipped with a buggy version of bcopy(); see …
(edit) @7667   14 years gb (experimentally) try to build something that runs on Leopard or Tiger, …
(edit) @7666   14 years rme Merge trunk changes r7361:7663.
(edit) @7665   14 years rme Undo change committed in r7661. What a botch.
(edit) @7664   14 years rme Uh, not yet.
(edit) @7663   14 years rme Indentation.
(edit) @7662   14 years rme New nx operator i386-ff-call.
(edit) @7661   14 years rme Extend some floating point stuff to work (maybe) on IA-32. Include …
(edit) @7660   14 years rme Add ffi-darwinx8632 to *env-modules* when applicable.
(edit) @7659   14 years rme Add more vinsns.
(edit) @7658   14 years gb No such thing as a namestrig.
(edit) @7657   14 years gb lisp_Debugger takes an "in_foreign_code" arg, rather than trying to …
(edit) @7656   14 years gb Conditionalize use of "new" (Leopard) register names etc. on whether …
(edit) @7655   14 years gb lisp_Debugger takes an "in_foreign_code" arg, rather than trying to …
(edit) @7654   14 years gb lisp_Debugger takes an "in_foreign_code" arg, rather than trying to …
(edit) @7653   14 years gb %UNIX-FILE-KIND: native-translate the namestring before calling %STAT.
(edit) @7652   14 years gb Implement REPORT-HEAP-UTILIZATION for PPC, too.
(edit) @7651   14 years gb Spell :istruct with an "r".
(edit) @7650   14 years gb Add -mmacosx-version-min=10.3.9
(edit) @7649   14 years gb Add -mmacosx-version-min=10.3.9
(edit) @7648   14 years gb gc-common.o
(edit) @7647   14 years gb Define WITH-UTF-8-CSTRS.
(edit) @7646   14 years gb Spell WITH-UTF-8-CSTRS correctly.
(edit) @7645   14 years gb gc-common.
(edit) @7644   14 years gb Prototypes.
(edit) @7639   14 years gb Clarify %STAT return values, argument constraints in a comment. …
(edit) @7638   14 years gb Remove duplicate code moved to gc-common.
(edit) @7637   14 years gb Use gc-common.
(edit) @7636   14 years gb Multiple-value-call label stack-effects bug.
(edit) @7632   14 years gb In X862-MVCALL, if we pushed a label, the call will have returned to …
(edit) @7631   14 years palter Protect against interfaces with no address (from VPNs)
(edit) @7630   14 years gb Move some code to new gc-common.c . The PPC version seems to link and …
(edit) @7629   14 years gb Nominally support freeze on PPC; HONS_AREA stuff is deprecated.
(edit) @7628   14 years gb Add protototypes for variables(at least) defined in gc-common.c.
(edit) @7627   14 years gb Build gc-common.o
(edit) @7626   14 years gb New file: try to isolate GC code common to all platforms.
(edit) @7625   14 years gb Merge from working-0710 branch.
(edit) @7624   14 years gb Merge changes form working-0710 branch.
(edit) @7623   14 years gb If *batch-flag* (set by --batch command-line argument) is true, don't …
(edit) @7622   14 years gb Try harder to scramble random state seeds. (This change was made …
(edit) @7620   14 years gb Copy from trunk
(edit) @7619   14 years gb New branch.
(edit) @7614   14 years gb Skip over GC suspend traps.
(edit) @7611   14 years gb Make sure that CCL::PIPE and CCL::FD-OPEN try to force finalization if …
(edit) @7605   14 years gb Turn futexes on by default on x8664-linux.
(edit) @7602   14 years gb Split C_SOCKET in two; if we fail to get a socket fd because of file …
(edit) @7601   14 years gb In %nanosleep: don't resume sleep after interrupt if the second …
(edit) @7600   14 years gb Add ATOMIC-POP-UVECTOR-CELL.
(edit) @7599   14 years gb Try to survive vdso changes related to Linux 2.6.23.
(edit) @7582   14 years gb Don't call BREAK when we see a NOP with a REPZ prefix.
(edit) @7581   14 years gb New (x86-64) version of %GET-SPING-LOCK; uses PAUSE instruction in the …
(edit) @7553   14 years gb No #$ futex constants.
(edit) @7549   14 years palter Fix typo in name
(edit) @7548   14 years gb Commented out -DUSE_FUTEX in CDEFINES. Uncomment to enable use of …
(edit) @7547   14 years gb Optionally, use futexes instead of spinlocks when USE_FUTEX is …
(edit) @7546   14 years gb Some things are different when USE_FUTEX is defined. Declare a …
(edit) @7545   14 years gb (Optionally, conditionally) use futexes instead of spin-locks. …
(edit) @7544   14 years gb Define the FUTEX syscall.
(edit) @7543   14 years gb Add an "xchgl" function, which is just one more flavor of atomic-swap.
(edit) @7542   14 years gb Add /usr/include/linux/futex.h
(edit) @7527   14 years gb setup_tcr_extra_segment on x8664, whether we have TLS or not.
(edit) @7526   14 years gb Maybe should define HAVE_TLS_BUT_IT_DOESNT_WORK. Don't define HAVE_TLS …
(edit) @7525   14 years gb In CLASS-AND-SLOT-LOCATION-ALIST, only do FINALIZE-INHERITANCE if …
(edit) @7524   14 years gb Need to USE_SIGALTSTACK on non-Mach platforms, since lisp …
(edit) @7523   14 years gb Try to ensure that rsp/rsp are lisp's whenever tcr->valence claims to …
(edit) @7522   14 years gb Ensure that class is finalized before trying to access its slots when …
(edit) @7521   14 years gb Check to ensure that both rsp and rbp are somewhere in the vstack area …
(edit) @7516   14 years gb Don't define %STREAM-IOBLOCK as an accessor for basic-streams. (This …
(edit) @7515   14 years gb Maintain *spin-lock-timeoute*, to see how often we're losing.
(edit) @7514   14 years gb Initialize *SPIN-LOCK-TIMEOUTS* to 0 each session.
(edit) @7513   14 years gb Assert that the hash-tables that map non-STANDARD-CHARs to their …
(edit) @7512   14 years gb New implementation of SNAP-READER-METHODS; should catch more cases, …
(edit) @7511   14 years gb Add READONLY-HASH-TABLE-P and use it in HASH-TABLE's PRINT-OBJECT method.
(edit) @7496   14 years wws Speed up conflict checking in snap-reader-methods, and fix a typo that …
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