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(edit) @7516   14 years gb Don't define %STREAM-IOBLOCK as an accessor for basic-streams. (This …
(edit) @7515   14 years gb Maintain *spin-lock-timeoute*, to see how often we're losing.
(edit) @7514   14 years gb Initialize *SPIN-LOCK-TIMEOUTS* to 0 each session.
(edit) @7513   14 years gb Assert that the hash-tables that map non-STANDARD-CHARs to their …
(edit) @7512   14 years gb New implementation of SNAP-READER-METHODS; should catch more cases, …
(edit) @7511   14 years gb Add READONLY-HASH-TABLE-P and use it in HASH-TABLE's PRINT-OBJECT method.
(edit) @7496   14 years wws Speed up conflict checking in snap-reader-methods, and fix a typo that …
(edit) @7492   14 years gb Fix typo in SNAP-READER-METHODS.
(edit) @7491   14 years gb SNAP-READER-METHODS in a "sealed" CLOS environment.
(edit) @7490   14 years gb In %SMALL-MAP-SLOT-ID-LOOKUP, don't shift before the MOVQ at …
(edit) @7488   14 years wws Support for some user optimization of generic function dispatch. …
(edit) @7486   14 years gb Add a first cut of HEAP-UTILIZATION; will eventually need PPC versions.
(edit) @7485   14 years gb Haven't had a special nodeheader type for LISP-THREAD for ... oh, more …
(edit) @7484   14 years gb (Finally) fix typos in register names that rme pointed out several …
(edit) @7482   14 years gb Support for readonly hash-tables. Tricky to bootstrap: do ? …
(edit) @7472   14 years af Add mouse event handling methods to drawing-view. Allows overriding …
(edit) @7468   14 years palter Just close the stream (with :ABORT T) in the finalizer for :AUTO-CLOSE …
(edit) @7467   14 years palter Add :AUTO-CLOSE to MAKE-FD-STREAM, MAKE-SOCKET, MAKE-TCP-STREAM, and …
(edit) @7466   14 years gb don't trust assembler not to relax branch in CONS, %ALLOCATE-UVECTOR
(edit) @7462   14 years gb Fix EGC-CONFIGURATION (bad shifting), CONFIGURE-EGC (disables egc to …
(edit) @7458   14 years gb try to detect exception in foreign context early
(edit) @7456   14 years gb Change a few things back (so that we tail-recurse). Set elements of a …
(edit) @7454   14 years palter %init-gvector is defined elsewhere so use a different name %init-misc …
(edit) @7453   14 years gb Less cluless %init-misc. (Note that %init-misc is used in …
(edit) @7452   14 years gb Unbox u32, u16 more recklessly when *x862-reckless*.
(edit) @7442   14 years wws Finish the artist's conception of random and friends for 64-bit-target.
(edit) @7441   14 years wws Fix the bug Gary introducted in x862-compare. Now the following in …
(edit) @7437   14 years gb constant comparisons fix again
(edit) @7432   14 years rme Remove duplicate key in ECASE.
(edit) @7431   14 years rme Move definition of .SPconslist-star below where …
(edit) @7430   14 years rme Some easy lap functions updated. Lots more to convert.
(edit) @7429   14 years rme x8632 changes in: * x862-make-closure * x862-lambda * …
(edit) @7428   14 years rme Implement assorted additional vinsns.
(edit) @7427   14 years rme Conditionalize for x8632 and darwinx8632.
(edit) @7426   14 years rme Make ra0 and xfn distinct; include subprimitive SPnmkunwind.
(edit) @7424   14 years wws Restore Palter's change to decode-string-from-octets that makes it …
(edit) @7423   14 years wws Fix (define-compiler-macro memequal ...)
(edit) @7422   14 years gb Default STREAM-SURROUNDING-CHARACTERS specialized on T (for …
(edit) @7421   14 years gb Fix typo in ASSOC alist.
(edit) @7419   14 years gb File is obsolete; conditionalize it out so that we don't have …
(edit) @7418   14 years gb Lots of changes to support new rwlocks, heap freeze, deferred GC.
(edit) @7417   14 years gb New file; very x86-64 specific so far.
(edit) @7416   14 years gb Low-level stack-frame/register setting stuff.
(edit) @7415   14 years gb RANDOM-STATE printing changes for 32/64-bit.
(edit) @7414   14 years gb WITH-SELF-BOUND-IO-CONTROL-VARS moved here. WITH-UTF8-CSTRS, …
(edit) @7413   14 years gb Frame-inspector: cons up an "unavailable value" object.
(edit) @7412   14 years gb No more HASH-CONS.
(edit) @7411   14 years gb No more HASH-CONS.
(edit) @7410   14 years gb Export EQL-SPECIALIZER from CCL, OPENMCL-MOP.
(edit) @7409   14 years gb Implement setting frame values.
(edit) @7408   14 years gb On OSX, assume that namestrings that come back from the OS are UTF-8 …
(edit) @7407   14 years gb UTF-8 stuff mostly defined earlier. Add support for precomposing, for …
(edit) @7406   14 years gb :arg, :local, :set-arg, :set-local break-loop commands.
(edit) @7405   14 years gb Move WITH-SELF-BOUND-IO-CONTROL-VARS to macros.lisp.
(edit) @7404   14 years gb NOT-LOCKED, DEADLOCK lock-related conditions.
(edit) @7403   14 years gb No more HASH-CONS.
(edit) @7402   14 years gb NTHCDR typechecks its list arg (in case N is 0).
(edit) @7401   14 years gb NTHCDR typechecks (in case N is 0.)
(edit) @7400   14 years gb Freeze.
(edit) @7399   14 years gb %check-deferred-gc, nuke old rwlock stuff.
(edit) @7398   14 years gb Nuke old rwlock stuff; check for deferred GC.
(edit) @7397   14 years gb Make %SYSTEM-LOCKS% very early in the cold load.
(edit) @7396   14 years gb ASSEQUAL, MEMEQUAL.
(edit) @7395   14 years gb 64/32-bit random-state changes.
(edit) @7394   14 years gb frozen-dnodes changes for ROOM et al, new rwlock stuff.
(edit) @7393   14 years gb UTF-8 earlier.
(edit) @7392   14 years gb So far: move a couple of inlined functions before their first use.
(edit) @7391   14 years gb New 64-bit %BIGNUM-RANDOM.
(edit) @7390   14 years gb %SYSTEM-LOCK% needs to be made even earlier now. Some new rwlock stuff.
(edit) @7389   14 years gb Dynamic-extent callback arg change from trunk.
(edit) @7388   14 years gb Storage layout for new rwlock.
(edit) @7387   14 years gb deleted-static-conses -> static-pairs (kernel global).
(edit) @7386   14 years gb Storage layout for new rwlock.
(edit) @7385   14 years gb Storage layout for new rwlock.
(edit) @7384   14 years gb "slri.".
(edit) @7383   14 years gb Inline more.
(edit) @7382   14 years gb %%set-signed-longlong: not encoded correctly (at least for x86-64, …
(edit) @7381   14 years gb More tcr flag bits, error-propagate-suspend, gc traps for freeze/thaw.
(edit) @7380   14 years gb New.
(edit) @7379   14 years gb Change the order in which areaa are written to image file. "Nilreg …
(edit) @7378   14 years gb Get this working, at least well enough for our immediate purposes.
(edit) @7374   14 years wws Copy trunk into the new branch.
(edit) @7373   14 years wws New branch for tentative changes from Gary Palter and Bill St. Clair
(edit) @7362   14 years rme Merge trunk changes r7339:7360
(edit) @7361   14 years rme New file.
(edit) @7360   14 years rme More vinsns. Some wrong for sure.
(edit) @7359   14 years rme Conditionalize %DEFINE-X86-LAP-FUNCTION on target. Might want to do …
(edit) @7358   14 years rme Comment formatting; some easy subprims.
(edit) @7357   14 years rme Don't use "32" suffix on cross-compiling interface-db-directory names.
(edit) @7356   14 years rme Correct typos. These corrections will cause CERRORs when rebuilding.
(edit) @7353   14 years af Implement a drawing view, add a demo (tiny.lisp) Also, fix a few …
(edit) @7349   14 years rme x8632 BOOLE operations.
(edit) @7347   14 years af Initial work on an interface to selections in text fields. NB: Not …
(edit) @7346   14 years af Some obvious things, part 1: implement the password-input-view (from …
(edit) @7340   14 years rme Merge trunk changes r7286:7339
(edit) @7339   14 years rme IA-32 stuff
(edit) @7338   14 years rme Conditionalize for X8632
(edit) @7337   14 years rme Call COMPILER-FUNCTION-OVERFLOW when cross-creating functions, if needed.
(edit) @7336   14 years rme xdump IA-32 clfuns.
(edit) @7335   14 years rme More minor additions
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