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(edit) @16374   6 years gb
(edit) @16373   6 years gb
(edit) @16372   6 years gb whole enchilada
(edit) @16371   6 years gb still in progress
(edit) @16370   6 years gb work-in-progres
(edit) @16336   6 years gb Work-in-progress. No more non-volatile registers (saveN) on x8664. …
(edit) @16319   6 years gb Fix typos on a holiday weekend.
(edit) @16313   6 years gb Still more (gradual) progress; compute live sets from lregs, not by …
(edit) @16310   6 years gb More (gradual) progress.
(edit) @16303   6 years gb Work in progress. (Now with some progress ...)
(edit) @16302   6 years gb ARM tweaks.
(edit) @16301   6 years gb Ignore :vinsns arg in MAKE-{UN}WIRED-LREG. New plan for peaceful …
(edit) @16300   6 years gb PPC, still.
(edit) @16299   6 years gb We really don't have lcells anymore. Honest.
(edit) @16295   6 years gb Ignore :vinsns arg in MAKE-{UN}WIRED-LREG. Finish removing lcell stuff.
(edit) @16293   6 years gb Revive LCELLs, for the PPC. Only check that vregs are lgregs if …
(edit) @16292   6 years gb Back out of this, too.
(edit) @16291   6 years gb Back out of earlier changes. Bind *VINSN-LIST*, to make it easier to …
(edit) @16289   6 years gb Print a diagnostic message if vinsns use fixnums (instead of lregs) to …
(edit) @16286   6 years gb ENSURE-LREG.
(edit) @16285   6 years gb ENSURE-LREG.
(edit) @16284   6 years gb ARM compiler tweaks.
(edit) @16283   6 years gb Adaot recent chages to PPC, just to keep ourselves honest.
(edit) @16282   6 years gb Don't freelist lregs, either; keep them per vinsn-list.
(edit) @16281   6 years gb Don't freelist lregs, either; keep them per vinsn-list.
(edit) @16279   6 years gb ARM compiler tweaks, ARM backend.
(edit) @16278   6 years gb No vinsn freelisting on PPC; new PPC images.
(edit) @16277   6 years gb Don't freelist vinsns or "vinsn varparts vectors". we may cons a bit …
(edit) @16276   6 years gb simpler idea
(edit) @16275   6 years gb Uh, checkpoint THIS.
(edit) @16274   6 years gb checkpoint this; want to try a less drastic change
(edit) @16271   6 years rme Done with ipv6 branch; reintegrated into trunk in r16270
(edit) @16269   6 years rme Merge trunk changes to ipv6 branch.
(edit) @16268   6 years hans allow local/remote-address in stream sockets, cleanup
(edit) @16266   6 years rme Merge a few trunk changes here.
(edit) @16265   6 years hans Summary: make sockaddr structure into a member of socket-address
(edit) @16263   6 years hans add missing documentation for socket-address readers
(edit) @16262   6 years hans Summary: specialize socket-address-family for socket-addresses
(edit) @16261   6 years hans add new homebrew configuration for docbook translation
(edit) @16260   6 years hans update documentation for IPv6 functionality
(edit) @16254   6 years hans nicer output
(edit) @16253   6 years hans export local-socket-address and remote-socket-address
(edit) @16252   6 years hans Summary: update to test socket-address related API functionality
(edit) @16251   6 years hans Summary: API extensions Export RESOLVE-ADDRESS, SOCKET-ADDRESS-HOST, …
(edit) @16249   6 years rme Mac App Store packaging modifications.
(edit) @16247   6 years rme new branch
(edit) @16246   6 years hans time out if server does not reply. also fix wrong unwind-protect in …
(edit) @16234   6 years hans trivial datagram test
(edit) @16233   6 years hans changes for linux
(edit) @16232   6 years hans trivial driver for basic stream testing
(edit) @16231   6 years hans make test work
(edit) @16230   6 years hans FreeBSD fix
(edit) @16229   6 years hans beginnings of a socket test
(edit) @16226   6 years hans clean up and make host-address-as-string work on non-windows again
(edit) @16225   6 years hans clean up
(edit) @16224   6 years hans windows support (can connect now)
(edit) @16223   6 years hans Summary: clean up a bit, remote _inet_pton (not needed)
(edit) @16222   6 years hans Summary: deal with sockaddr_un pathnames more correctly
(edit) @16221   6 years hans Summary: remove unused make-ip-socket-address function
(edit) @16220   6 years hans solaris tweaks for ipv6
(edit) @16219   6 years hans Summary: remove unix socket related cruft
(edit) @16218   6 years hans Summary: revive file sockets
(edit) @16217   6 years hans Summary: implement lookup-port in terms of resolve
(edit) @16216   6 years hans Summary: remove extra socket fd argument from local-socket-filename call
(edit) @16215   6 years hans Summary: revive SEND-TO and RECEIVE-FROM
(edit) @16214   6 years hans move all code except class definitions out of l1-sockets to sockets
(edit) @16213   6 years hans use sockaddr_storage for socket address buffers
(edit) @16212   6 years hans revive error reporting, use RESOLVE in active connections
(edit) @16211   6 years hans more extensive interface to getaddrinfo
(edit) @16210   6 years hans collapse & refactor socket-info, remove ip6-socket class again
(edit) @16209   6 years hans move socket-info related functionality to socket.lisp
(edit) @16208   6 years hans Summary: add new sockets.lisp library
(edit) @16207   6 years hans initial ipv6 patches
(edit) @16206   6 years rme branch for ipv6 work
(edit) @16195   6 years gb Work-in-progress.
(edit) @16161   6 years rme Add this.
(edit) @16160   6 years rme Update the AltConsole? sources a bit to remove warnings. Generate the …
(edit) @16159   6 years rme Update icons.
(edit) @16158   6 years rme Display marketing blurb in listener (from trunk).
(edit) @16157   6 years gb fixes
(edit) @16155   6 years rme Modifications for Mac App Store pacakging.
(edit) @16152   6 years rme create this branch anew
(edit) @16151   6 years rme Remove this in preparation for starting over.
(edit) @16148   6 years gb Check this in.
(edit) @16147   6 years gb Handle UNION-CTYPEs in code that deals with BOUNDED-INTEGER-TYPEs,
(edit) @16146   6 years gb From trunk.
(edit) @16145   6 years gb From trunk.
(edit) @16144   6 years gb Don't call a few obsolete subprims.
(edit) @16143   6 years gb Add a few platform-independent acode-walking functions.
(edit) @16142   6 years gb From trunk.
(edit) @16117   6 years gb new branch
(edit) @16084   6 years gb ungarble use of :rcontext in nfp vinsns.
(edit) @16082   6 years gb Merge trunk changes into this branch. Expect some things to explode.
(edit) @16081   6 years gb Pass test suite on PPC on this branch.
(edit) @16078   6 years gb Pass the test suite on x8632/x8664 on this branch.
(edit) @16071   6 years gb Pass the test suite on ARM on this branch.
(edit) @16059   7 years gb Tentatively: no non-volatile FPRs on the ARM (so more fp temps.) Keep …
(edit) @16055   7 years gb Catch up (mostly) on PPC. (ppc2-elide-pushes doesn't elide anything, …
(edit) @16054   7 years gb Whew. X86 catches up to ARM.
(edit) @16053   7 years gb Flesh out ARM NFP support a bit: save/restore complex floats, elide-pushes.
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