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(edit) @13632   10 years gb Work-in-progress. (Just barely in progress.)
(edit) @13630   10 years gb Have to start somewhere. Note: no NVRs, only 2 imm regs, 4 temps, 3 …
(edit) @13629   10 years gb Propagate kernel changes from trunk to this branch.
(edit) @13623   10 years gb move along, nothing to see here, yet again
(edit) @13622   10 years gb bad idea
(edit) @13621   10 years gb move along, nothing to see here
(edit) @13567   10 years gz rebuilt kernel
(edit) @13566   10 years gz core-string-equal => core-string=
(edit) @13565   10 years gz replace ccl-0711 feature with ccl-qres
(edit) @13564   10 years gz new name for branch
(edit) @13558   10 years gz From trunk: export WATCH/UNWATCH (r13556)
(edit) @13557   10 years gz From trunk: charater => character (r13261)
(edit) @13549   10 years gz Tweaks in core utils prompted by writing documentation
(edit) @13547   10 years gz From trunk: heap-ivector-utilization (r13533)
(edit) @13546   10 years gz From trunk: fix for truncate of most-positive-fixnum …
(edit) @13545   10 years gz From trunk: parse-proc-maps extensions et al (r13544)
(edit) @13528   10 years gz From trunk: default allow-constant-redefinition (r13513)
(edit) @13527   10 years gz From trunk: support for non-ascii reader macros (r13498)
(edit) @13526   10 years gz From trunk: fix time computations in %timed-wait-on-semaphore-ptr …
(edit) @13510   10 years gz From trunk: bivalent vector streams (r13454 et. al.)
(edit) @13509   10 years gz From trunk: Faster logical operations on bignums (r13412 r13413 r13419
(edit) @13508   10 years gz From trunk: r13368 (stream-line-length, error message printing tweak)
(edit) @13507   10 years gz From trunk: r13410 (faster :initial-element in make-array)
(edit) @13506   10 years gz From trunk: faster %iasr/%ilsr, less boxing/unboxing for 32-bit values …
(edit) @13505   10 years gz From trunk, misc tweaks and small fixes: r13366 r13371 r13470 r13437
(edit) @13503   10 years gz From trunk: assembler sources syntax cleanup
(edit) @13502   10 years gz From trunk: formatting tweaks, non-linux changes, doc and error …
(edit) @13493   10 years gz Actually get rid of open-core-graph
(edit) @13492   10 years gz get rid of open-core-graph, make it so can just use open-core
(edit) @13490   10 years gz Add idom-frontier-heap-utilization
(edit) @13487   10 years gz Be more thorough in converting declaration types for typechecking
(edit) @13476   10 years gz Core file support improvements: Added core-symbol-plist, …
(edit) @13467   10 years gz In heap-utilization-by-class, use the class of the function, not the …
(edit) @13465   10 years gz add :image arg to core-open specify an image file, use it to load any …
(edit) @13461   10 years gz make map-core-areas accept :area :tenured to only look at the tenured …
(edit) @13460   10 years gz Add :area arg to idom-heap-utilization, can be :tenured or :dynamic
(edit) @13442   10 years gz New file, compute heap utilization in core files based on dominance …
(edit) @13441   10 years gz core-print: show more type info
(edit) @13440   10 years gz report-heap-utilization: don't crash if no data
(edit) @13438   10 years gz add map-core-region rename core-object-type to …
(edit) @13436   10 years gz Add parse-proc-maps and proc-maps-diff; extend mtrace parser a bit
(edit) @13435   10 years gz heap-utilization: add threshold arg; tweak how slot vectors are described
(edit) @13409   10 years rme Increase CALL-ARGUMENTS-LIMIT on non ppc ports. (r13406 from trunk)
(edit) @13388   10 years gz fix for objdump parsing
(edit) @13386   10 years gz Use objdump rather than readelf
(edit) @13383   10 years rme Merge r13382 (EAI_xxx error codes negative on Linux) from trunk.
(edit) @13379   10 years gz Better socket errors (r13377)
(edit) @13364   10 years gz MOP fix from trunk (r13344/r13358)
(edit) @13363   10 years gz defstruct fixes from trunk (r13344/r13358)
(edit) @13362   10 years gz Merge r13343: make cheap-eval-in-environment advisable
(edit) @13361   10 years gz show type of error on exit in batch mode (r13345)
(edit) @13357   10 years gb new
(edit) @13356   10 years gb new
(edit) @13339   10 years gz New CL:RANDOM implementation from trunk
(edit) @13332   10 years gz Improved compilation for some fixnum operations, %svref (r13247-r13253
(edit) @13331   10 years gz Transform APPLY with constant arg into FUNCALL (r13231 from trunk)
(edit) @13326   10 years rme Change %mrg31k3p to use mark-as-imm/mark-as-node (which twiddle bits …
(edit) @13325   10 years rme Use new ppc lap macros u32-ref, u32-set in implementation of %mrg31k3p …
(edit) @13324   10 years rme In portable %mrg31k3p function, get the seed from the right place in …
(edit) @13323   10 years rme Remove %next-random-seed, which implemented the old random number …
(edit) @13322   10 years rme Remove obsolete functions %cons-random-state and …
(edit) @13321   10 years rme print-object for random-state objects: support only new random state.
(edit) @13320   10 years rme Accessors for new random state object on all targets; remove old …
(edit) @13319   10 years rme Version of %mrg31k3p in ppc32 lap.
(edit) @13318   10 years rme Updated accessors for new random state object. (temporarily x86-only)
(edit) @13317   10 years rme Version of %mrg31k3p in x8664 lap.
(edit) @13316   10 years rme Version of %mrg31k3p in x8632 lap.
(edit) @13315   10 years rme In %bignum-random, call cl:random to generate a full digit's worth of …
(edit) @13314   10 years rme New random number generator %mrg31k3p. Remove function …
(edit) @13313   10 years rme Move INIT-RANDOM-STATE-SEEDS here from ccl:level-0;l0-numbers.lisp. …
(edit) @13312   10 years rme Add case for random state objects in EQUALP. Call new function …
(edit) @13311   10 years rme Call new function INITIAL-RANDOM-STATE to set a thread's initial …
(edit) @13310   10 years rme Update PRINT-OBJECT method for new random state objects.
(edit) @13309   10 years rme For integrating improved version of CL:RANDOM.
(edit) @13306   10 years gz Merge ffcall, float tweaks (r13221, r13234, r13298, r13299)
(edit) @13305   10 years gz Merge 32-bit/windows-only changes; update mergeinfo
(edit) @13304   10 years gz Fix error message text (r13205 from trunk)
(edit) @13303   10 years gz Mac/Windows?-only changes from trunk (r13206-r13209)
(edit) @13302   10 years gz From trunk: interactive source-location tweaks (r13193, r13201)
(edit) @13294   10 years gz Use refbits in mark_weak_hash_vector and reaphashv to avoid paging in …
(edit) @13293   10 years gz Third try, I think this approach works in all cases: keep hash tables …
(edit) @13290   10 years gz forward termination lists in tenured populations
(edit) @13278   10 years gz Ignore refbits for
(edit) @13277   10 years gz Fix clr_bit
(edit) @13276   10 years gb No release_readonly_area() on PPC, either.
(edit) @13275   10 years gb Use ensure_static_conses() on PPC, too.
(edit) @13274   10 years gb Drop *STATIC-CONS-CHUNK*.
(edit) @13273   10 years gb Export RESERVED-STATIC-CONSES and FREE-STATIC-CONSES; drop …
(edit) @13272   10 years gb Since pure area may contain pointers (at least to …
(edit) @13271   10 years gb Write pure area before dynamic area.
(edit) @13270   10 years gb Get purify/impurify working on x86 (including x8632.)
(edit) @13269   10 years gb Don't call release_readonly_area() after purify.
(edit) @13268   10 years gb Don't define release_readonly_area().
(edit) @13267   10 years gb Write pure area to image file before dynamic area.
(edit) @13266   10 years gb Changes for new x86 purification scheme; need testing. Depends on …
(edit) @13265   10 years gb Report STATIC-CONS utilization in ROOM.
(edit) @13264   10 years gb target::area.ndnodes.
(edit) @13263   10 years gz Changes in handling of weak vectors (i.e. populations and weak hash …
(edit) @13260   10 years gb Handle locatives (xpPC) and TRAs in purify(). (At least try to pick …
(edit) @13259   10 years gb Use ensure_static_conses() to handle static_cons allocation. Always …
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