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(edit) @13388   11 years gz fix for objdump parsing
(edit) @13386   11 years gz Use objdump rather than readelf
(edit) @13383   11 years rme Merge r13382 (EAI_xxx error codes negative on Linux) from trunk.
(edit) @13379   11 years gz Better socket errors (r13377)
(edit) @13364   11 years gz MOP fix from trunk (r13344/r13358)
(edit) @13363   11 years gz defstruct fixes from trunk (r13344/r13358)
(edit) @13362   11 years gz Merge r13343: make cheap-eval-in-environment advisable
(edit) @13361   11 years gz show type of error on exit in batch mode (r13345)
(edit) @13357   11 years gb new
(edit) @13356   11 years gb new
(edit) @13339   11 years gz New CL:RANDOM implementation from trunk
(edit) @13332   11 years gz Improved compilation for some fixnum operations, %svref (r13247-r13253
(edit) @13331   11 years gz Transform APPLY with constant arg into FUNCALL (r13231 from trunk)
(edit) @13326   11 years rme Change %mrg31k3p to use mark-as-imm/mark-as-node (which twiddle bits …
(edit) @13325   11 years rme Use new ppc lap macros u32-ref, u32-set in implementation of %mrg31k3p …
(edit) @13324   11 years rme In portable %mrg31k3p function, get the seed from the right place in …
(edit) @13323   11 years rme Remove %next-random-seed, which implemented the old random number …
(edit) @13322   11 years rme Remove obsolete functions %cons-random-state and …
(edit) @13321   11 years rme print-object for random-state objects: support only new random state.
(edit) @13320   11 years rme Accessors for new random state object on all targets; remove old …
(edit) @13319   11 years rme Version of %mrg31k3p in ppc32 lap.
(edit) @13318   11 years rme Updated accessors for new random state object. (temporarily x86-only)
(edit) @13317   11 years rme Version of %mrg31k3p in x8664 lap.
(edit) @13316   11 years rme Version of %mrg31k3p in x8632 lap.
(edit) @13315   11 years rme In %bignum-random, call cl:random to generate a full digit's worth of …
(edit) @13314   11 years rme New random number generator %mrg31k3p. Remove function …
(edit) @13313   11 years rme Move INIT-RANDOM-STATE-SEEDS here from ccl:level-0;l0-numbers.lisp. …
(edit) @13312   11 years rme Add case for random state objects in EQUALP. Call new function …
(edit) @13311   11 years rme Call new function INITIAL-RANDOM-STATE to set a thread's initial …
(edit) @13310   11 years rme Update PRINT-OBJECT method for new random state objects.
(edit) @13309   11 years rme For integrating improved version of CL:RANDOM.
(edit) @13306   11 years gz Merge ffcall, float tweaks (r13221, r13234, r13298, r13299)
(edit) @13305   11 years gz Merge 32-bit/windows-only changes; update mergeinfo
(edit) @13304   11 years gz Fix error message text (r13205 from trunk)
(edit) @13303   11 years gz Mac/Windows?-only changes from trunk (r13206-r13209)
(edit) @13302   11 years gz From trunk: interactive source-location tweaks (r13193, r13201)
(edit) @13294   11 years gz Use refbits in mark_weak_hash_vector and reaphashv to avoid paging in …
(edit) @13293   11 years gz Third try, I think this approach works in all cases: keep hash tables …
(edit) @13290   11 years gz forward termination lists in tenured populations
(edit) @13278   11 years gz Ignore refbits for
(edit) @13277   11 years gz Fix clr_bit
(edit) @13276   11 years gb No release_readonly_area() on PPC, either.
(edit) @13275   11 years gb Use ensure_static_conses() on PPC, too.
(edit) @13274   11 years gb Drop *STATIC-CONS-CHUNK*.
(edit) @13273   11 years gb Export RESERVED-STATIC-CONSES and FREE-STATIC-CONSES; drop …
(edit) @13272   11 years gb Since pure area may contain pointers (at least to …
(edit) @13271   11 years gb Write pure area before dynamic area.
(edit) @13270   11 years gb Get purify/impurify working on x86 (including x8632.)
(edit) @13269   11 years gb Don't call release_readonly_area() after purify.
(edit) @13268   11 years gb Don't define release_readonly_area().
(edit) @13267   11 years gb Write pure area to image file before dynamic area.
(edit) @13266   11 years gb Changes for new x86 purification scheme; need testing. Depends on …
(edit) @13265   11 years gb Report STATIC-CONS utilization in ROOM.
(edit) @13264   11 years gb target::area.ndnodes.
(edit) @13263   11 years gz Changes in handling of weak vectors (i.e. populations and weak hash …
(edit) @13260   11 years gb Handle locatives (xpPC) and TRAs in purify(). (At least try to pick …
(edit) @13259   11 years gb Use ensure_static_conses() to handle static_cons allocation. Always …
(edit) @13258   11 years gb ensure_static_conses() to handle static_cons allocation, interact with …
(edit) @13257   11 years gb Prototype ensure_static_conses(), not allocate_static_conses().
(edit) @13256   11 years gb We're going to want to use PURIFY rather than FREEZE here; more …
(edit) @13244   11 years gb area.dwords -> area.dnodes.
(edit) @13243   11 years gb PPC static-cons changes.
(edit) @13242   11 years gb x8632 static-cons stuff.
(edit) @13241   11 years gb Lose some blank lines.
(edit) @13239   11 years gz set baseline mergeinfo
(edit) @13238   11 years gb STATIC-CONS stuff, finally. Todo: - policy (should interact with GC …
(edit) @13236   11 years gz Fix error message in defmethod
(edit) @13235   11 years gz r13225 from trunk (fix for execute permission when prepending symbols)
(edit) @13224   11 years gb Bump min fasl version.
(edit) @13223   11 years gb Bump current fasl version.
(edit) @13220   11 years gb Bump max fasl version.
(edit) @13219   11 years gb Try to save strings in ASCII if possible.
(edit) @13218   11 years gb Just read bytes in $fasl-nvstr.
(edit) @13217   11 years gb %FASL-READ-N-STRING: just read octets (e.g., for ASCII).
(edit) @13216   11 years gb Fix typos.
(edit) @13215   11 years gb Recycle those old FASL ops so that we effectively encode all strings …
(edit) @13214   11 years gz Extend find-ftype-decl so it can get different decls depending on the …
(edit) @13210   11 years gb Revive some old fasl ops that assumed 8-bit characters; make the new …
(edit) @13208   11 years gz Added a new function GET-ALLOCATION-SENTINEL and a new :START arg to …
(edit) @13202   11 years gz Test for bad lambda list in defmethod
(edit) @13198   11 years gz Fix for scanning ~@:
(edit) @13197   11 years gz Add variable *strict-checking* to control checking for e.g. …
(edit) @13192   11 years gz warn about too many arguments in format strings (r13187)
(edit) @13191   11 years gz Merge r13184 (fix for spurious warning)
(edit) @13190   11 years gz Merge r13182/r13183 (*save-interactive-source-locations*)
(edit) @13189   11 years gz Merge r13180 (fix for newer oprofile)
(edit) @13188   11 years gz Merge r13175 (x8632 fix)
(edit) @13179   12 years gz heap-utilization extensions (trunk r13174)
(edit) @13165   12 years gz merge r13143, r13164 (fixes to compiler type handling)
(edit) @13156   12 years gz Merge r13151 (the/values fix)
(edit) @13155   12 years gz Add object printing: (core-print obj &optional stream depth) Add …
(edit) @13154   12 years rme Done with this.
(edit) @13153   12 years rme Done with this.
(edit) @13147   12 years gz Merge r13132 (networkless random seed fix)
(edit) @13146   12 years gz readloop source text recording (r13124, r13131)
(edit) @13145   12 years gz Oops, didn't mean to check this in yet, revert to prior version
(edit) @13144   12 years gz Merge windows-only changes (r13102, r13121)
(edit) @13142   12 years gz Merge r13109 (close-ioblock-streams fix)
(edit) @13141   12 years gz Merge r13108 (:external-format arg to run-program)
(edit) @13140   12 years gz Merge r13103 (setf values fix)
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