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(edit) @12410   11 years gz r12361-r12403 from trunk - a few bug fixes, new japanese character …
(edit) @12408   11 years gz Some changes in support of Slime: Implement …
(edit) @12365   11 years rme %clone-x86-function and %copy-function: set 16-bit constant count. …
(edit) @12363   11 years gz Another code coverage fix in x862-trivial-p
(edit) @12360   11 years gz r12353 from trunk
(edit) @12358   11 years gz Make x862-trivial-p aware of code coverage register usage
(edit) @12357   11 years rme With these changes, the lisp compiles itself using the new scheme for …
(edit) @12356   11 years gz r12354 from trunk
(edit) @12349   11 years rme Preliminary bootstrapping changes to support new function scheme on x8632.
(edit) @12348   11 years gz Don't record code notes for non-unique forms, just leads to confusion
(edit) @12347   11 years gz Change default *save-source-locations* from nil to :no-text
(edit) @12346   11 years gz Use the .image image name convention (r11018 from trunk)
(edit) @12344   11 years gz Switch scripts directory to be referenced via externals from trunk
(edit) @12343   11 years gz Since everything is compatible now, change various version numbers to …
(edit) @12342   11 years gz last vestige of with-code-note
(edit) @12341   11 years gz Merge r12302 from trunk
(edit) @12340   11 years gz merge r12311 from trunk
(edit) @12339   11 years gz Merge source location and code coverage implementation from the trunk. …
(edit) @12331   11 years rme for hacking on x8632 functions (change 16-bit imm-word-count to a …
(edit) @12309   11 years gz Missed windows change
(edit) @12308   11 years gz r12241 from trunk (fix in non-optimized ff-call)
(edit) @12307   11 years gz r12260 from trunk (asdf/provide integration)
(edit) @12306   11 years gz r12189 from trunk (contrib directory)
(edit) @12305   11 years gz change :sharing :private semantics (r12240 from trunk)
(edit) @12304   11 years gz r12259 from trunk
(edit) @12303   11 years gz mac/windows-only kernel mods from trunk (r12199 r12261)
(edit) @12301   11 years gz Merge r12276 r12292 r12297 from trunk, plus some mods for other platforms
(edit) @12263   11 years gz Fix type declaration
(edit) @12257   11 years gz misc compiler fixes from trunk
(edit) @12256   11 years gz r11421 r11467 r11631 r11711 r11749 r11796 f11861 r11862 r11977 r12127
(edit) @12253   11 years gz r12044 r12060 from trunk
(edit) @12252   11 years gz Merge r11997 r12139 from trunk
(edit) @12250   11 years gz Merge exports from trunk
(edit) @12249   11 years gz r11979 r11983 r12130 r12138 r12167 from trunk
(edit) @12248   11 years gz r11996 from trunk
(edit) @12247   11 years gz r11868 r12100 r12102 r12112 from trunk
(edit) @12246   11 years gz r11545 and r12132 from trunk
(edit) @12245   11 years gz r11422 from trunk
(edit) @12244   11 years gz other-platform changes from trunk, for smaller diffs
(edit) @12243   11 years gz ffi parsing and chud changes from trunk
(edit) @12242   11 years gz r11384 r11391 r11586 r12037 from trunk
(edit) @12239   11 years gz Update binaries
(edit) @12238   11 years gz r11988 from trunk
(edit) @12236   11 years gz r11901 from trunk
(edit) @12225   11 years gz r11827 and r12111 from trunk
(edit) @12224   11 years gz r11757 from trunk
(edit) @12223   11 years gz r11464 from trunk: no error in print-object when instance class not …
(edit) @12216   11 years gz Fix fencepost in stream-position(string-input-stream)
(edit) @12213   11 years gz Merge r11483 r11817 r11979 r11980 r12166 from trunk
(edit) @12212   11 years gz Merge r11929-11930 from trunk
(edit) @12211   11 years gz Merge from trunk: r11280 r11309 r11440 r11448 r11516 r11759 r11816
(edit) @12208   11 years gz r11594/r11963/r12119 from trunk
(edit) @12204   11 years gz r11744 from trunk
(edit) @12203   11 years gz r12089 r12105 r12165 from trunk
(edit) @12202   11 years gz r11465 r11676 r11859 r11989 r12010 from trunk
(edit) @12201   11 years gz r11951 from trunk, and update features
(edit) @12198   11 years gz Merge with trunk kernel (and a few compiler changes to match): a few …
(edit) @12192   11 years gz In caller-functions, don't ignore self, but do ignore the lfun-name …
(edit) @12191   11 years gz Avoid compiler warnings in advise
(edit) @12190   11 years gz in print-call-history, don't bind *debug-io* to what might be an …
(edit) @12186   11 years gz Add standard io vars to check-error-globals; make …
(edit) @12162   11 years gz r12161 from trunk (error message fix)
(edit) @12160   11 years gz Missed one
(edit) @12159   11 years gz Do not warn about undefined types in runtime calls to PROCLAIM, since …
(edit) @12158   11 years gz Try to arrange it so that calling structure slot readers doesn't cause …
(edit) @12154   11 years gz allow compound type specifiers as declarations identifiers. …
(edit) @12114   11 years gz When merging warnings, remember source notes of all references
(edit) @12092   11 years gz Public interface to populations
(edit) @12091   11 years gz Merge r12090 from trunk
(edit) @12082   11 years gz Add an :error-handler keyword arg to cl:quit
(edit) @12081   11 years gz Fix no-arg case of BREAK in batch mode
(edit) @12079   11 years gz fix for level-0 source info
(edit) @12078   11 years gz Merge r11518/r11605/11606/11871/11919 (shared library fixes)
(edit) @12077   11 years gz r11869 from trunk: type-error constants for more vector types
(edit) @12076   11 years gz r11867 from trunk (bounds checking on non-simple aref/aset)
(edit) @12075   11 years gz From trunk: handle *xload-loading-toplevel-location*
(edit) @12073   11 years gz Merge r12071
(edit) @12067   11 years gz Better fix for bug #474: make %find-register-argument-value stop …
(edit) @12066   11 years gz bug #474: In %find-register-argument-value, if the function normally …
(edit) @12054   11 years gz Merge r12038/r12039/r12043 from trunk (fix for bug #470)
(edit) @12052   11 years gz More undefined function warnings (trunk r12033/r12034/r12035/r12036)
(edit) @12050   11 years gz Tighten up proclaim/declaim error checking, both runtime and compile time
(edit) @12048   11 years gz r11876/r12026/r12045 from trunk
(edit) @12032   11 years gz map to simple-program-error
(edit) @12030   11 years gz r12026 from trunk
(edit) @12020   11 years gz require speed 0 to turn off allow-transforms in default compiler policy
(edit) @12015   11 years gz Merge r11999 from trunk
(edit) @11962   11 years gb Do %FREEBYTES without walking the aread list. Harder to do %USEDBYTES …
(edit) @11961   11 years greg merge r11813 from trunk (fix typo in format control string)
(edit) @11949   11 years gz When entering the kernel debugger in batch mode, dump out a whole …
(edit) @11947   11 years gz Signal a lisp condition rather than dropping into the kernel debugger …
(edit) @11853   12 years gz Fix declarations generated by loop-for-on in the improper list case
(edit) @11852   12 years gz Handle complex loop variables
(edit) @11851   12 years gz Make sure type-predicate is a symbol before calling it (cf standard-char)
(edit) @11850   12 years gz handle typechecking for symbol-macrolet differently
(edit) @11849   12 years gz Remove old way of handling *record-pc-mapping*, as it confuses the new …
(edit) @11837   12 years gz Make loop-typed-init work on characters, but in any case, make …
(edit) @11836   12 years gz Typecheck new bindings in nx1-env-body, if nx-declarations-typecheck …
(edit) @11834   12 years gz Assorted tweaks for declaration checking
(edit) @11833   12 years gz Change dolist to not bind the iteration var to nil, so that …
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