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(edit) @11701   11 years gz Merge back some of the source location changes made in the trunk (in …
(edit) @11690   11 years rme 1.3 release branch
(edit) @11689   11 years rme Create 1.3 branch (I hope).
(edit) @11686   11 years gz Don't catch all errors in specifier-type-if-known, just unknown type. …
(edit) @11685   11 years gz Umm, don't signal a program error for invalid slot type in defclass, …
(edit) @11683   11 years gz Make defclass complain about illegal types
(edit) @11682   11 years gz make fcomp-macroexpand-1 handle warnings like the compiler
(edit) @11681   11 years gz fix braino in typep optimizer
(edit) @11680   11 years gz r11664-r11666 from trunk
(edit) @11678   11 years gz keep-symbols for trace encapsulation fn so can see args in backtraces
(edit) @11670   11 years gz r11667 from trunk
(edit) @11669   11 years gz list explicit filename in with-open-file for more useful arglist
(edit) @11662   11 years gz Back out of r11643 for now as it triggers bug #411
(edit) @11660   11 years gz Make print-call-history and backtrace-as-list support a :process …
(edit) @11658   11 years gz r11572 from trunk
(edit) @11657   11 years gz r11605 from trunk
(edit) @11656   11 years gz r11622 from trunk
(edit) @11655   11 years gz r11625 from trunk
(edit) @11654   11 years gz r11626 from trunk
(edit) @11653   11 years gz r11627-r11628 from trunk
(edit) @11652   11 years gz r11630 from trunk
(edit) @11651   11 years gz r11629 from trunk
(edit) @11650   11 years gz r11639 from trunk
(edit) @11649   11 years gz r11640 from trunk
(edit) @11648   11 years gz merge r11646 from trunk
(edit) @11647   11 years gz remove ~<newline> in format strings at compile time (r11539 and r11645
(edit) @11643   11 years gz merge r11601 from trunk
(edit) @11641   11 years gz Require two clauses in ~:[
(edit) @11638   11 years gz r11637 from trunk
(edit) @11598   11 years gz Defer merging file deferred-warnings/defs into parent compilation unit …
(edit) @11591   11 years gz export compile-user-function
(edit) @11583   11 years gz Propagate r11546 from trunk
(edit) @11562   11 years gz DIRECTORY fix from Steve Hain
(edit) @11515   11 years gz Propagate r11508 from trunk
(edit) @11511   11 years gz coerce type error fix (from trunk r11491)
(edit) @11507   11 years gz SIGQUIT fix (from r11499/r11500)
(edit) @11504   11 years gz write-string (bug #382) fix - r11443 from trunk
(edit) @11503   11 years gz %init-misc fix (r11428 from trunk)
(edit) @11502   11 years gz Defer installing defs until file compilation is done, so can restart …
(edit) @11499   11 years gz Make the signum arg to *quit-interrupt-hook* optional
(edit) @11498   11 years gz Pass the signal number through to user handlers, use it to exit by …
(edit) @11497   11 years gz Add a lisp_sigexit kernel-import, to allow exit by resignalling
(edit) @11495   11 years gz Extend CCL:QUIT to accept a function to be used in place of #exit to …
(edit) @11482   11 years gz r11450 from trunk: *quit-interrupt-hook*
(edit) @11479   11 years gz Fix for default-initargs of NIL being ignored in optimized …
(edit) @11456   11 years gb Use syscall() for read/write/open/close on Linux, so that we can see …
(edit) @11419   11 years gz r11418 from trunk
(edit) @11417   11 years gz save-application fix from trunk (r11301)
(edit) @11416   11 years gz Fix in %make-output-stream from trunk r11288
(edit) @11415   11 years gz SETF THE fix from trunk (r11285)
(edit) @11413   11 years gz who-calls fix from trunk (r11388)
(edit) @11412   11 years gz from trunk, assorted changes for other platforms
(edit) @11411   11 years gz r11281 from trunk
(edit) @11410   11 years gz undo make-instance optimizations when class slots change and when …
(edit) @11400   11 years gz Don't do make-instance optimization if there are any specialized …
(edit) @11365   11 years gz Keep track of reader methods that have been snapped and unsnap them …
(edit) @11351   11 years gz method combination fixes (r11347, r11349)
(edit) @11304   11 years gz update to asdf-install 0.6.10
(edit) @11303   11 years gz Update to asdf 1.130
(edit) @11284   11 years gb Propagate r11282 to working-0711.
(edit) @11279   11 years gz Backport compiler source location changes from trunk, mostly reorg and …
(edit) @11278   11 years gz new files from trunk
(edit) @11267   11 years gz Some changes from trunk in suport of other platforms, shouldn't affect …
(edit) @11265   11 years gz ALPHA-CHAR-P is now true of all characters with Unicode ALPHABETIC …
(edit) @11262   11 years gz In aref optimizer, don't assume all subtypes of 'array are …
(edit) @11243   11 years gb Propagate r11242 to working-0711.
(edit) @11211   11 years gz unused
(edit) @11185   11 years gz Make the "no external symbol" error continuable
(edit) @11164   11 years gz Another batch of changes from the trunk, some bug fixes, …
(edit) @11153   11 years gz Merge compiler policy init source of trunk and working-0711 branches, …
(edit) @11106   11 years gz r9831 from trunk: make CLOSE of shared ioblock streams thread-safe
(edit) @11103   11 years gz allow setf function names in nx1-%defun
(edit) @11102   11 years gz fcomp-compile-toplevel-forms was using the compiler-function-overflow …
(edit) @11101   11 years gz Another round of changes from the trunk, mostly just mods in internal …
(edit) @11100   11 years gz Try again
(edit) @11099   11 years gz Fetch doc and examples from trunk
(edit) @11098   11 years gz not needed
(edit) @11089   11 years gz Merge/bootstrap assorted low level stuff from trunk - kernel, syscall …
(edit) @11076   11 years gz Another one
(edit) @11075   11 years gz Don't need
(edit) @11074   11 years gz More diff reduction, mostly mods in support of windows and/or x8632
(edit) @11073   11 years gz Not needed here
(edit) @11069   11 years gz remove more unused files, bootstrap another backend change from the …
(edit) @11054   11 years gz Back-port the definition-type changes from trunk
(edit) @11049   11 years gz make handler-bind notice the no-clauses case (handler-case already did)
(edit) @11048   11 years gz More
(edit) @11047   11 years gz Remove stuff not relevant to this branch
(edit) @11043   11 years gz Give accessor methods a more useful lambda list
(edit) @11042   11 years gz Fix a typo in dup definition code (r11040 from trunk)
(edit) @11041   11 years gz Propagate r10998 from trunk
(edit) @10996   11 years gz Do not issue dup definition warnings for defuns inside conditionals, …
(edit) @10972   12 years gz Merge a bunch of changes from trunk mostly having to do with x8632 …
(edit) @10957   12 years wws Both :reader and :accessor on a slot definition in a defclass no …
(edit) @10944   12 years gz Update to trunk kernel. New bootstrap binaries because kernel image …
(edit) @10941   12 years gz Arghh!!!
(edit) @10940   12 years gz Fix typo in r10938
(edit) @10939   12 years gz Fix to r10938: add any defconstants and defmacros to compile time eval env
(edit) @10938   12 years gz Extend the mechanism used for keeping track of definitions (previously …
(edit) @10912   12 years gz Fix some boundary cases in %lock-free-rehash (they were trying to …
(edit) @10868   12 years gz Remove unneeded conditionalization
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